Revision Policy

Revision Policy is one of the most important ones in our work. We are proud to have it beneficial for both parties: our clients and our team. There are several principles we always follow so everybody could be contented.

  1. If you feel your paper should be revised, please, tell us about it in advance. You can turn to the writer directly or address the revision request to one of our support team members. They will arrange the review of your order. And please, do not forget to give the comments, what needs to be revised particularly so that the writer could save the time for both.
  2. We kindly ask clients to be careful with the revision comments they leave. What does it mean? We ask you not to forget that the comment for the change must not be controversial. You cannot change a topic, a paper format or the general idea of the paper as it will appear to be the new and entirely different order.
  3. In case your professor, after all, has changed some initial instructions on the paper, you can write us what should be modified. But, this service ought to cost an extra payment. The value of the modification will be decided depending on the volume of the initial requirements change.
  4. We also can agree for the reassignment of your order to another author. But, this can happen only if your current writer failed with three revisions before. All our authors are highly qualified writers in their field, but sometimes, it happens that the client and the writer cannot find a common language or just do not understand each other. Anyway, the reassignment can be possible only after our DD approval. So, if you want to change the writer, please, be persuasive with your comments.
  5. Also, we have a progressive delivery service that can pride our clients with 20 days of free revisions since the first one. This service is very useful for the customers who place quite big orders, starting from 30 pages.
  6. The time a revision takes, depends not only on us but also on our clients. In fact, asking for a review, you can offer the duration of it, the only thing should be mentioned: the minimum period needed for the revision is 3 hours. Though, if your order was urgent, from 4 to 12 hours, you can demand the immediate revision within 2 hours.
  7. When we couldn’t satisfy your needs correctly, and you have already had several revisions, you can turn to the DD manager with all your complaints to decide what to do next. But, please, do not forget about time the DD needs for the evaluation of your particular problem and finding the best solution for you. Be patient and they will help you.
  8. In case if you want to return your money back, the thing you should do start with is to open a dispute together with uncontroverted evidence and only after your paper was revised by your author at least twice.

And remember, if you place your order correctly in advance, you will hardly have a need to use the Revision Policy.