Plagiarism Free

The matter about originality of custom papers is always fundamental. Organizations working in this sphere do not always pay proper attention to this question. Nevertheless, according to the fact that our company has been working for our clients for a long time, we are extremely attentive to plagiarism in our essays, papers, homework and other assignments. Apart from the high professional and academical level of our writers, we supervise the quality of their performance. All of them are trained to identify and correct as well as avoid plagiarism in what they are writing for our customers. They use special software to assure themselves of the originality of the orders they are working on. Apart from their personal control, our support team re-checks all the completed orders before uploading it for the clients' use. It is not the matter of trust for us, but the matter of quality for our customers' satisfaction.

Our company strictly controls plagiarism prevention in any our service. It doesn't matter if our writer has the order to rewrite, proofread, edit or write from scratch. Each paper falls for the plagiarism check. Our team sticks to several incredibly easy and straightforward rules to make the orders non-plagiarized at once:

  • Paraphrase. In the century of the information progress, no one has difficulty in receiving any material that is required for the successful writing of any assignment, report, essay or other paper. Nevertheless, there is a need to realize and use the knowledge you get from diverse sources correctly. We advise not to use long phrases from the original text. If you cannot, you should use quotation marks.
  • Quoting. If you need or want to use the same sentence as the author wrote it from the very beginning, you should use quotation marks for this purpose. But remember, that one quote should not exceed more than 40 words.
  • Citing. It is one of the best ways to prevent plagiarism in the work. All you need is to mention the author, the name of the source, the name of the article and other details that will be useful information for the borrowed ideas.
  • Cite Yourself. There is such kind of plagiarism as self-plagiarism. It means that the ideas you used in your previous research were copied to the current one. You can prevent this misunderstanding citing your ideas as you would do for any other author.
  • Referencing. You should mention all the sources you referred to while writing the paper. Usually, this list is placed at the end of the assignment and indicates a precise page of the reference.

All our writers stick to these rules in every order they fulfill. But if you still have some doubts, we can offer you an additional service that can guarantee you the original paper. It is called a Turnitin report. You can order it from us and receive it attached to your completed order.

So, as you understand, we are serious and strict about everything concerning original papers. We expect you to place an order soon.