Money Back

We believe that the main reason our company is one of the best on the market is that we are ready to satisfy any requirement that our customer states, even if the issue is to return his money back. There is nothing absolutely perfect in this world, though, we seek to this purpose every day. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our work, if your essay or other paper does not match your requirements fully, we are ready to discuss it with you and find the most suitable solution for both parties. In the article below you can learn more about our Money Back Policy.

  1. In case you are worried that first you pay for the order and then receive it – do not be. This system works well for both parties. It gives us the guarantee that we will have the payment for our work, and you will be sure that your order will be completed in the given time limits in a proper way.
  2. An emergency situation can happen. Our team was late with your order asking to exceed the time limit because of our fault. In this case, you can ask our dispute department to provide you with a discount for this order. The sum of the discount is decided by the DD manager taking into consideration all the factors that influenced the delay from both parties. But, if the completed order was delayed because of the client's amendments and revisions, we cannot be responsible for that. 
  3. Is it possible to have the full refund? Yes, our Refund Policy is transparent and honest, so if you have reasonable pleas for the total return we can give a warranty that you will get your money back.
  4. The procedure is simple enough. In case such situation has happened, you should apply to our Dispute Department writing an e-mail for them. This letter should include grounded comments on your dissatisfaction and proves of the low quality of the completed order. After that, you just wait for the response from our manager.
  5. The duration of the dispute procedure is not very long. Nevertheless, the DD manager who will be working on your case will need up to 10 days to check all your comments and complaints. As soon as some decision is made, we will contact you immediately by e-mail, providing the answer. We ask our customers to be tolerant and patient and not to forget that the main aim of our company is clients' satisfaction.
  6. If you have conducted your payment or placed the order twice, you can write our support department about this misunderstanding. And as soon as one of the members of our team checks this information and confirms it, we will return your extra payment back to you.
  7. In case the paper does not correspond the instructions given at the beginning, we ask our customers to read the paper attentively and request a revision before the order's approval. If you have already approved the order, we consider our work accepted.
    After half of the given time has passed and you cancel the order, we can offer you no more than 30% refund from the total sum of the cost and only after the DD Manager confirmation.

We kindly ask our customers to be aware that the solution can be found in any unique dispute. So, let's be respectful and understanding to each other.