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Everything on our website is made for the customer’s convenience. Our support, dispute and writing teams, are concerned not only about the quality of written papers for our clients but also about the continuous and constant connection between the customer and our writing service. Each of our department has its duties and responsibilities to guarantee the convenience, and timely dispatch of the order. We have developed an excellent communication system with our orderers to be always on-access for them. The headquarter of our organization is in the US, but it is not the only one, so we can maintain a service to different international students as well as native ones.

School and college learners, as well as other people from various professions who apply for the paper from us, usually use the form on the front page of our website. You can press the button 'Order Now' or on the right you can find a quickly accessible form where you need to choose:

  • The type of service;
  • Academical level;
  • A number of pages;
  • Deadline.

After it, just press ‘Proceed’. Then, you will find yourself on the next page with a more specific form, that you should fill in. This form will help us to understand precisely what particular paper you need, and you will make sure that you specified all the necessary details for us.

If you have any difficulties during the filling in process, you can address our support manager through the online chat. You can find ‘Chat with us' window in the right-down corner of your browser window. It is also the way to place an order or contact our employees.

In case you feel that chat is inconvenient for you – easily use an e-mail address You will receive the confirmation letter from our support team who will assign the proper writer for your paper.

Apart from the abovementioned ways, you can phone us anytime, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

So, that’s all settled, do not hesitate to contact us any time it is convenient for you. We are also glad to render services to our customers.

Phone: 1-855-230-4629

Our Address: 1027 E. Washington St., Phoenix, Arizona

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