Essay Writing and What to Pay Attention To

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Every college, university or even school trains learners to write diverse types of essays. Regularly, tutors present lectures on the subject of writing an essay asking students to try their best. Though, why do up to 40% of pupils fail with their college essays? Why do undergraduates feel under pressure while having such task? It seems that there is nothing easier than writing a plain, structured 1 to 3-page essay. Nevertheless, it only appears to be so easy.

Essay Writing: to Do or Not to Do

Here are some fundamental principles you must never neglect in writing. They are probably familiar to you.

Structure DO DO NOT


Convey the primary impression of your concepts. And, as it is known, ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression.’

Overuse passive as it disperses reader’s attention as well as pronouns “I”, “Me” and “My”.

Main Body

Use as more connection words as possible. It ought to be easy to track the thread of the main idea through all arguments you suggest for consideration.

Use general examples without argumentation. Instead, take pains to be precise and persuasive in explaining the statements and samples you are using in writing.


Convincing the reader, make the ‘victory hit’, otherwise, all your efforts will be vain.

Duplicate an Introduction part. You will simply spoil all the impression you have worked so hard on. Try your best to finish your essay.

The Significance of Construction and Order in Writing an Essay

Graphical Scheme

A few statements may seem obvious for you, nevertheless, center your attentiveness on them to prevent confusions from the start.

  1. Stick to the structure precisely. Firstly, it will assist you to be more organized with your thoughts and moreover, a reader will easily follow up the idea from the first to the last word. Furthermore, the structure will provide a reader the chance to point out the vital information rapidly and easily.
    • Introduction;
    • Main Body (1-3 paragraphs);
    • Conclusion.
  2. Each section of the essay is vital. An Introduction must display the key message, and the objective of a paper, as well as, be ‘catching’. Your primary target is to pin up reader’s attention, the best way to do it is to use some quotations and eloquent expressions. It will also be effective to use some engaging statistics to pin up people’s attention. You must do all that is possible to awake a person’s desire to read your essay.
  3. As soon as you caught your reader, guide them to the main body, so they might assure themselves they have the attraction to read the complete story. The main body should enlighten strong points of the thesis you write about. Mind, please, that the strongest arguments must be at the beginning.
  4. A conclusion shouldn’t be your ‘last breath with relief’, instead, it must be as strong as the introduction part. The concluding paragraph should include the initial statements of the essay in general, but be concise. And don’t ignore to mention the key message as in an introduction, it will intensify the impact of your arguments and the essay in general.

Well, are you ready to prove your skills? We bet you are.

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