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An essay is a kind of literature which has associative thinking as its basis. An essay is a mini-work with a free composition. This work expresses special impressions of a specific question. Nowadays, this genre is the most common, and now it is not only a literature piece, but the most commonly-spread kind of the essay writing piece. However, the essays are written not only in schools but also are created as an important artistic object. For example, when you want to enter certain university or find a job, you should be prepared that they may ask you to write an essay. The skill of writing is also rather useful in everyday life, so it is good to know how to write such a paper.

The Structure

An essay should start with an introductory paragraph, which may begin with: a quote, an anecdote, a rhetorical question, a questionable statement, a typical situation, some general presentation of the main problem in the essay, a reference to the authority, a phrase to create a needed mood, an appeal to specific facts of a describable author's biography and so on. The main thing is to lead the reader to the formulation of a problem.

It is necessary to use the word "question" or "problem" in the text. A problem should be spread all over the material which is being argued in the essay. When you set a problem, use the most common cliche phrases:

  • The text highlights one of the vital issues...
  • The central conflict...
  • The problem of... is the concern of the text etc.

Then come the comments to the problem. You can mention the history of this question and examine different points of view. Here you can also use cliches.

After that it is preferable to reveal the author's position. It could be open or hidden.

Penultimate step is to write about your own opinion. You may whether agree or disagree with an author. Your point of view should be supported by arguments.


Finally, you get to the conclusion. Here you should draw a summary, generalize all that was written and make appropriate inference. If you want to improve the appearance of your essay you can add certain subheadings. It will make it easier for others to perceive your text and follow your logic. Usually such a work should take no more than 7 pages of typed text, but the assignments can differ. Formulate the topic of your essay very clearly. An essay should answer to only one question. Underline the trustful style of your communication with a reader. Let the story be natural. Avoid complicated sentences and unclear statements. Try to surprise your reader by thinking about some aphorism. Do not use slang, abridgments and frivolous tones. Find a balance so that your text will be interesting and easy to read.

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