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It is okay to dream about studying in Britain. This country is so desirable, first of all, because of its long list of prestigious educational institutions and, secondly, due to subsequent high chances to get a desirable job. It is great if the finances allow you to go to a chosen university right tomorrow. But what if a money issue remains open? Find out more about job opportunities while studying in Britain right here and right now!


A good wizard who gives permission to work is an immigration service. However, it is generous only to those who seriously grinds away at British science.

The following categories of foreign students have the right to work:

  • the students of institutions of higher education;
  • the college students (publicly funded FE colleges) with a TIER 4 visa;
  • the students of medical colleges (student nurse).

Hooray, you can work! But no party lasts forever. The employers who do not disdain cheap labor force in the face of foreign students ignored the visa restrictions associated with the work permit. The government of Britain, which cares about the interests of its compatriots much more than about the visitors, has set a fine of up to 10 thousand pounds sterling for non-observance of the law. After that, the situation with work deteriorated. But the chance to find something appropriate and legal exists always.

How Many?

During the educational process, students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week. Also, you can pass an internship if it lasts no more than 50% of the duration of a curriculum. Students of colleges were even less fortunate in it. They can work up to 10 hours a week. All the rest were even less fortunate: students in private schools do not have the right to work at all, except for internships that do not exceed 33% of the total study.

You can work full-time:

  • During holidays;
  • In the period when a study is completed, and a permission to stay in the UK has not yet been received;
  • While waiting for an extension of the visa or for responding to an immigration application for categories 1 and 2 of point system,

In all these cases, the restrictions are removed. If you are an especially lucky person, then you can hope for getting a work permit from the university that takes no more than half the time of an educational process.

Bear in mind that in England, there is the concept of "unpaid work." The number of hours worked on such job is also included in the total amount of 20. There are no restrictions on volunteer activity. You can devote yourself to volunteering every day; British society will approve such behavior.

By Whom?

If in other countries, the restrictions for foreigners mainly concern state, military, and political activities, then in England you can work as anyone except ... drum roll ... individual entrepreneur, coach, professional athlete, or entertainer. If these prohibitions have shattered your life plans, then you can search yourself in any other field. The most common vacancies are connected with service personnel.

Employee Washing Dishes

Visa Nuances

If the study period is intended for less than 6 months, the possibility of work will be specified on a special sticker in the passport. If you are in the country on a "student visitor" visa, say goodbye to your thoughts about work. The same rule is applied to the students who have arrived in the UK for language courses.

You hit the jackpot if the visa contains a note "No recourse to public funds." This means that there are no restrictions on work.

Perhaps, for someone, work while studying is the only opportunity for studying abroad. But do not forget that youth happens once in a lifetime. Do everything possible and impossible to never regret regarding lost opportunities and to never feel ashamed of aimlessly lived years. We sincerely wish you this!

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