Top 4 Funny Fails Among Students

Laughing Students

Have you ever asked yourself what you would remember many years hence: favorite subjects, outstanding tutors, or hilarious parties in a dormitory? All these and even much more. However, when your old groupmates and you come together, most likely that someone will say, “Hey, do you remember that lecture when I said… and then he replied. Oh, I will always remember this episode!” So here we have composed the list of 5 the most common life situations that can happen during study in university

Copy Paste - Shannon, 20, The University of North Carolina

“I had a funny incident with one of my home tasks, essay on topic ‘Comparative Analysis of Medieval and Modern English.’ To tell the truth, I knew this topic, I could write this essay by myself, but at that moment, I decided that I had a good reputation in professor’s sight and, therefore, could take advantage of it. That is why, I did not trouble myself and just copied and pasted the information from internet, making an appropriate format, but without any editing or deep reading of the text. With a clear conscience, I submitted the paper. What an enormous astonishment was for me to hear on the next lecture from my tutor such phrase towards me, ‘Dear professor what do you plan, besides, to research in your next work?’ As it turned out, at the end of the submitted paper there was such phrase, ‘In my previous researches, this topic is discovered already under another angle. ’ I feel blessed that my professor was a woman with humor; she forgave me this fail and let me re-submit the paper.”

Coming Late on a Lecture – Malcolm, 22, University of South Alabama

“It was a late morning when I realized that I slept through the alarm clock. Moreover, right at that moment we had to write a kind of important test! So, you can imagine my look when I hurryingly tumbled down the stairs of my home. In my head I have already thought up a sort of excuse for being late. However, when I flew in the lecture room, I only found out an empty room where our janitor notified me that it was Saturday and there was no lecture today. On the one hand, I was as happy as a clam at high water, on the other hand, I felt let down with all these.”

Sleeping on Lecture – Diana, 24, King's College London

Sleeping on Lecture

“I think I am not the only one who is guilty of sleeping on lectures. You know, I am convinced that this is a real issue and the issue of the professors, but not the students. Some of the lecturers should better tell the bedtime stories but not deliver the lectures. Anyway, the most interesting case regarding sleeping on lectures happened to me on the lecture of English literature. It was really strange! I love this subject, the lecturer is an outstanding woman that always waited for my hand raised on one of her questions to the audience. However, that time I was learning all night long and the only what kept my eyes open was a cup of coffee drunk with energy drink. The most horrible moment was when I was coming out of a lecture room and my professor was passing by casting a glance on me, full of disdain. Moreover, after checking my reflection in a mirror, I found out a deep print of my sweater on a cheek, an evident proof of my little crime.”

Announce to Someone Your Opinion Regarding a Tutor – Kevin, 21, University at Montgomery

“Let us face it, the most horrible what you can make with your own tongue is to tell someone your authoritative opinion regarding one of your professors. That what I have made exactly! I was talking with my groupmate during a break in a corridor. What possessed me to say that ‘my professor was a big toad that had no personal life for years,’ I still do not know. But you know what? She was standing exactly over me and heard every word. After that, I had one of the most unpleasant talks in my life with her and our dean. So, I have learned the lesson till the end of my life to keep my mouth closed in a public places. Big Brother is watching you, so to say. Read more funny stories here.

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