Things Students Should Really Be Afraid Of

Scared Student

Everyone has their own fears, but students have twice more than that amount. It doesn’t say anything about cowardice but points out that students really have things to lose, which may influence their future and successful career. Dear Reader, maybe you already know what I’m going to talk about. And if you are reading this article provided by our paper writing service:, you are definitely interested in this topic. So let’s go!

Ranking of Student Fears

  1. Fear # 1. A person who didn’t go to the university wouldn’t understand this common fear in student life. And this fear is connected with losing your notes. Just imagine for a moment a student who was struggling to write down all the lectures but lost his notes before an exam. Sad story, isn’t it? That is why many students have a common fear of losing notes at the worst possible moment. That is why you should always be on the lookout, as there are also many students who steal notes from their classmates.
  2. Fear # 2. Second common fear of students is being late to classes or waking up later. For example, some of the students are afraid to be late to a class of a very strict teacher while others are afraid to wake up and understand that an exam has already started. This phobia can be easily explained, as many students don’t sleep at night because of homework or preparations and they often feel sleepy early in the morning. And we all know that sometimes you can sleep without hearing an alarm clock. In most of the cases, if you are late for an exam, you are not going to pass it successfully, as the impression of a teacher is already spoiled with your lateness. That is why it is better to set 5 alarm clocks at the same time.
  3. Fear # 3. The third place is taken by the fear of losing a mobile phone or other gadgets. It’s not a secret that nowadays students have lots of fancy gadgets. Such devices are really expensive to buy, so their loss can cause a lot of troubles and unexpected financial expenses. If a student loses the phone, it is a problem of universal scale, because the number of contacts in your address book or any information cannot be restored ever. That is why many students or any other modern people are afraid of losing their electronics. It is also important to pay attention to such fears as they can easily turn into phobias, which you will suffer from for a long time.
  4. Fear # 4. The last fear we are going to talk about today is a public shame. Every person is afraid of shame, especially in public places when many people are watching you. It also refers to students (especially freshmen) who are often afraid to express their thoughts in front of their peers or new teachers. If you only feel stiffness in such situations you are the lucky one, as many students face the trembling of hands, chin or their voice. Their cheeks often turn red and students feel cold sweat. All of the mentioned symptoms are signs of a fear. The most amazing thing is that this phobia cannot disappear without special psychological or even physical help. It can just become less noticeable. You should definitely try to fight it; otherwise, the level of your self-esteem will turn into zero. We are going to talk about how to fight this phobia in our next article.

To sum up, now that you know common fears of students, as well as things you should really be afraid of, you can decide if you either want to fight them or find new solutions in order not to let them attack you in your life.

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