Realities of Student Life


Being a student is one of the most unforgettable periods in life. Today we are going to talk about how real student life looks like, as many teenagers, who watched American films believe that it is all about partying whole night long, hanging out with friends for a cup of coffee, wearing new outfits every day and sometimes even doing homework. Actually, such a picture is totally opposite to the reality. If you are going to graduate soon from school and enter the "adult life" it will be useful to know some of the main peculiarities of student life. Some things might seem controversial but it can also depend on a person. Moreover, if you haven't studied at the university, some things may seem unreal or weird to you. Anyway, all the information described below is quite objective and you may also use it for writing essays on a similar topic in the future.

2 Types of Students

It is logical that all students differ from each other. Someone is cleverer than the rest, someone is richer. But still it is possible to split all the students into 2 categories and those would be local students and those who come from other regions or countries. Why should we split students into 2 categories at all? The answer is quite simple, as their point of view towards student life may differ just because of this small factor.

First Category

There was a research among mentioned two categories of students and here are the results. Local students who live with their families or let's say rent a private room feel quite relaxed about studying process, they feel less stress comparing to another category as they know they are safe, their families are with them and they can rely on someone. The biggest disadvantage of such students is that they don't grow up and are used to parent's help. It will be really hard for them to find a new job or start being responsible in the future.

Second Category

Dorm with Many People

Students who come to college from other regions, countries and live in dormitories with other people feel more stress. They don't sleep well enough and often eat fast food. Also, they face financial problems and being away from home only aggravates the situation. Another point to mention here is that such students have to get on with other people in a dorm really well in order not to create conflict situations. If you share your room with someone (this happens in 90% of cases) you will have to get used to this, as another person can go to sleep later than you or do things you don't like. That is the biggest minus of living in a dormitory. Please, don't worry, as everything surely depends on you and your ability to find a common language with other people.

To sum up, you should understand that student life can differ a lot and it mostly depends on which category of student you are and many features of your character.

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