Online Self-Education: Educational Revolution

Online Self-Education

The 21st century is a century of big upheavals. This is a century when technical progress is really global, when the Internet became a usual reality for every person. People find new ways of communication, getting information and as a result, they find new ways of getting educated. "Revolution" in a field of education leads to online self-education: surfing for needed materials and learning them on your own.

Total Freedom of Decisions

Home-online education is a totally unusual approach to studying. Though, it has a lot of positives. The first thing is that you organize your day and night time in such a manner and order you prefer it. You do not need to get up early and go to any educational establishment as you have a total freedom of decisions. If you leave far from school or college or university, catching the bus is not your problem anymore. Probably, the best advantage of self-education is choosing the material on your own as most children and adults often complain that they would like to change a bit the way the information is presented. Furthermore, being a member of any educational establishment is being a member of a big social group. Each person is a unique personality: not all are socially active, on the contrary - lots of students feel shy or uncomfortable while gaining an authority among adolescents. It is also important that home education is very convenient for people with disabilities.

Your Teacher Is Your Mentor

There is also a flipside in such type of "educational revolution". First of all, you need to have a strong motivation and desire to work hard and to control your results. It is not easy because it means being a teacher and a pupil at the same moment. On the contrast, getting an education at school, for example, provides you with a teacher who is your mentor actually. If there is any trouble or "SOS situation", you will be guided and given a consultation. It should be also mentioned that people who had big experience in teaching may give you fundamental knowledge, paying attention to special clues how to cope with some difficulties.

Social Skills and Motivation

Moreover, it is interesting to be a part of a group because you develop your communicative skills and fulfill them in a society. Children may get friends, learn how to deal with different characters, how to overcome some conflicts inside the group. Surely, it is a great personal practice and first steps into adult life where social interaction is a key to success sometimes. To add more, progress in studies make students to cultivate qualities of a leader. Everyone dreams to be first in some field and it is a good motivation if you want to get a higher result every time because you feel the spirit of competition. Workplace market is a world of concurrence and you have to force strong self-confidence from childhood based on your skills and knowledge. So, competitions among students strengthen their characters and prepare them for the future test and examinations because they will learn how to stay calm in worrying situations. Get more.

Gaining Social Skills

Be Responsible

Both types of education are effective if you are a responsible learner and you do care about the result. But it is always a man's right which way to follow.

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