Second Higher Education


Are you the happy owner of your first diploma? Congratulations on that! Now that the first step is behind, you are probably thinking of what to do in the future. Most of the students don’t want to stop at this stage and often get excited about the continuation of their studies. Many graduates are keen on getting a Master Degree after receiving Bachelor one but also there are students who want to receive their second Bachelor in a different major. Let’s look closer on some of the main reasons for that as well as discuss the importance of second higher education. You can use our paper writing service in order to search for familiar essays.

Reasons for Second Higher Education

  1. Reason # 1. It often happens that students study the major they don’t want to just because they listened to parents’ advice in the past or didn’t have an idea about who to become in the future. For example, you studied 4 years of economics and now you suddenly understand that the dream of your life is becoming a journalist.
  2. Reason # 2. A person could not afford to enter a certain university or major, so he chose a cheaper option. In this case, everything depends on a student. If he is passionate about his major and does not care about the status of a university, he can succeed in a certain field. But if a student doesn’t put many efforts into receiving some knowledge and just waits to receive a diploma, he is in a big trouble. With such an attitude, higher education won’t help much.
  3. Reason # 3. Another pitfall student may face while choosing university or specialization is a distance. Some students are afraid to chase their dreams and move to a big city, so they choose some universities in their province and usually don’t study what they wanted.

Advantages of Second Higher Education

Receiving a Diploma
  1. You will finally study what you want. If you suddenly decided to change your major or future profession second higher education will help you to understand more of its details and you will surely enjoy each day at the university because you simply like it.
  2. If will be a huge plus in your CV and your future employer will definitely pay attention to it, as everyone wants to have educated and clever stuff in their companies. Let’s just say you will have a competitive advantage in a labor market.
  3. Receiving a second higher education is a bit easier comparing to the first one, as you already know the peculiarities of studying process.

Disadvantages of Second Higher Education

  1. No free time. You will have to spend many hours every day by learning new materials.
  2. Financial problems. Not everyone can afford such an education, especially due to the lack of free time and being not able to find a job.

All in all, now that you read about main reasons, pluses and minuses of second higher education, you can probably make a right decision. Good luck!

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