How to Improve Your Resume


New Year will start so soon and it means that it is a perfect time to create new plans. Many students search for new job opportunities so here you can find 10 tips on how to make future employer choose your candidacy. You may use any information of this article for your own non-plagiarized essay.

Things to Do

  1. The first idea would be to receive a certificate which would confirm the knowledge of foreign languages, especially English, as it is a lingua franca of business, economics, technologies etc. Be ready that the level of foreign language will be checked by an employer, as no one will simply trust a piece of paper. You can pass FCE, CAE, IELTS, TOEFL or other exams in order to prove the level of your English.
  2. Find interesting internships or job opportunities in order to receive some knowledge and pass practice. Any experience you had in your life should be written down in your CV, as it will prove that you are a hard-working person.
  3. Try to work in the laboratories of your university or be an assistant to your teacher. From one hand, you might think that being an assistant of your professor will not help you to become a producer, but do not forget that the head of the production center may drive his attention to your resume thanks to the technical and scientific background. As working at the university involves self-discipline and analytical mind, it will always be useful for any of your future jobs.
  4. Do not refuse any job opportunities that come to you, thus, one day you will have something to tell an employer about your experiences and maybe get to win a chance to work in the office of your dreams.
  5. Another useful experience to get is creating different presentations, working in Excel or with any other similar programs. You can complete an online course as well and get a certificate. Nowadays it’s really hard to find a position where you don’t need any skills of working with PC.
  6. Do not lie about yourself on your CV. It can be dangerous, as if an employer reveals your lies, you can be fired.
  7. Summer language courses, any schools abroad, written works or articles in English ­ everything should be included in your resume.
  8. Try to read some motivation letters or write your own one. Highly motivated people with less experience attract more than those, who don’t have a motivation or plans for future.

To sum up, if you stick to the mentioned pieces of advice, your resume will become 10 times better.

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