How to Study At Night

Night Without Sleep

There are lots of reasons not to sleep at night. But the most common one among students is studying. In most of the cases, you have to study around 2-3 hours to finish some important task. So here you will find some effective methods on how to make your night studies safe and productive. You may use any data of this article for your future college essays.


  1. The first things you should do while studying at night is trying not to panic and stay positive. You can try to calm yourself down with positive thinking. For example, try to think that this is the last night without sleep or that if you work hard for now you can have a solid rest in the future. You can also imagine passing your exams and getting an A+.
  2. Try to take a contrast shower or do 15 minutes exercises. It will refresh your mind a bit.
  3. Avoid losing your time. Do not distract yourself watching smartphone, movies, your e-mail etc. It would be great if you could just switch off your phone for the rest of a night.
  4. Make 5-10 minutes break each hour that you study. It will help your brain to rest for a while, as it is not as active as during a day time.
  5. Do not drink black tea. Black or green tea may sound like a perfect solution in such situation, but it will help you to be refreshed for a long time and won’t let you fall asleep earlier. Moreover, you might feel bad during the next day at college. In this case, the best decision would be to drink a bit of warm water.
  6. You can ask your friend to study together. Thus, you will not fall asleep.
  7. It might sound weird, but try not to yawn. When you yawn, your brain gets less oxygen. You can try to laugh instead. A good laugh will provide you with a dose of endorphins. If you feel you are going to fall asleep in next 5 minutes, try to watch some funny movie online. It will refresh you a bit.

Staying Awake

Cup of Coffee
  1. You can skip sleeping in case you need to study or work at night, but you shouldn’t overindulge, especially if the reason for it is a simple desire to watch a movie or browse the internet.
  2. If you already know that you will have a studying night, start preparing. You can try to sleep during a daytime for a couple of hours. Thus, it will help you feel energetic at night.
  3. Many people can learn things with music switched on. If you are one of them, just try to find some energetic one, which will not make you fall asleep. Also, use your headphones if needed.
  4. Do not sit on your sofa, bed or floor while studying, otherwise, you are going to feel constant desire to rest, fall asleep and stop working. The best way would be just to study at your desk. Besides, if you are used to laying on a sofa or bed while studying, sooner or later you will face problems with your back.
  5. Try to cope with your tasks as fast as possible in order to have some hours left for rest or a good nap.
  6. Remember that if you have an exam or some hard task to cope with tomorrow, do not study whole night long. It is better to sleep longer and be full of energy the next day rather than being a «squeezed lemon».

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