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Composing a film review is a casual home task for pupils around the world. But in order to complete it successfully, you should know main steps which are presented in this article. You may use any of its data as it will guide you with your future school or college essays (which you can also order on this website ) Let’s go!


Yes, let us not forget that every piece of writing has its own flow of information. It means that all the data you want to share with readers has to be presented in strict succession. Check out the classic one below:

  1. Introduction part. This part is all about general facts that can be rather conventional and having any pretensions to astonish reader. To start with, you should drop a line for the name of a film as well as a name of a film director. Also, you may write down names of actors who played main roles. However, if you feel that exactly with this part you can grab attention, just do it! For instance, you will be not judged for starting a paragraph with an interrogatory sentence or exclamatory. Then, all the following writing will become an answer to the question. Isn’t it much engagingly!
  2. Body part. This part can be divided into smaller sections. Here you need to prepare the analysis of the video. It would be great if you could provide a brief overview of the story. However, be careful, as you don’t need to retell the whole story. Apart from that, you must keep a track of the number of story lines in the plot of your movie.

    In the following paragraph, you can concentrate on a couple of details which in your opinion are the most important and present some main ideas of the film. You can also express your own viewpoint on this film, mention its main advantages and disadvantages.

  3. Conclusion. In this part, you should sum up everything you said before and advise your readers if this movie is worth watching or not.

Tips to Remember

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  1. In order to create your unique impression of a movie and write a good piece of writing, you can watch it several times, as when you watch it for the first time you almost never pay attention to separate details. Also, you can try taking notes while watching it for the second time.
  2. If you can write down main things that make this film special to you, it would be perfect. It can be the usage of soundtracks or effects that make this film interesting to watch.
  3. Do not disclose the ending part of a film. Your readers are interested in your unique opinion and recommendations, but telling your readers of how the story ended up can ruin everything.
  4. While describing your individual estimation, try to avoid simple phrases like «it was interesting» or «I liked it». The readers want to know the detailed information on why you liked it or didn’t. If you do not provide this information, they will read someone else’s works instead.
  5. Try not to read other descriptions of the same film as it may deform your own perception. You can do that after the main points of your feedback are written down.
  6. Apart from general information and your individual mind presented in your review, it would be better to mention something about the audience of a film. For example, if it is a horror movie or blockbuster which involves murder or blood scenes, you should advise your readers if they should take kids with them or not.

To sum up, do not forget that all what you write does not have to follow the above-mentioned rules. Always remember, that if you have some unconventional ideas on how to form your essay on a film, you do not have to deny them, feeling angst to break the rules. Who knows, maybe it is you whose undiscovered talent is show off to the world.

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