Writing a Motivation Letter: What to Consider?


While applying for a job, among other documents, a letter of motivation is required. In most cases, applicants do not always understand what kind of letter it is and how to write it. Most of the times, such papers are composed incorrectly or the CV is sent without any enclosure. So, why do we need these motivation letters and how to write them correctly?

A motivation letter is an addition to a traditional resume, where you describe in a free form what would be inappropriate to dwell on in the "hard" format resume. Remember: your goal is to present your personality in a favorable light to the employer, to present your best side and motivate employers to give you the preference.

The Start

Do not begin an essay with a long self-presentation. Also, do not repeat the question that your essay is revolving around. Your personal information should be put in a special place. Attract the attention of the selection committee by describing a situation that affected your decision to study at this university or a motto that reflects your position in life.

The advantage of such letter is that it can be described as a challenge as opposed to all the other documents provided to them. What should a properly drafted letter of motivation include? First of all, on the cover there should be a particular addressee (HR-manager, managers, etc.). Try to keep your style formal while greeting and presenting yourself. If you want to learn more about formats and styles of writing, look here:

Forget About Lies

Thus, the basic requirements for such paper are the brevity, clarity, and consistency of presentation. All the information about you will be tested many times - during the interview and in the course of work. It is, therefore, important not only to be able to make a resume and cover letter but also to work productively. Moreover, do not try to lie or make your letter better with the use of imaginary experience. Remember that it can be easily checked through your knowledge and through communication with previous work places.

Formal Things

Try to be short, however, show the most important facts. It is essential to indicate the company’s name and title at the beginning. Sloppiness or inattention of the applicant may turn against him. Also, avoid mistakes or typos: staff involved in the selection of personnel are very meticulous in identifying such shortcomings.

In the upper part of the letter be sure to specify the position for which you are applying. Give some information on education, professional experience. Most importantly, you need to specify why you think that this place is the right one for you. Try to find a unique reason that keeps you passionate about the required job. This passion can be contagious, so the people who decide on you will feel your struggle and desire.

What Else?

Writing Hand

Avoid patterned features in the description of your brilliant self. For the potential employer, it is the proof that you do not bother to really highlight your unique qualities. In addition, instead of it, better describe the specific success that you have achieved in a previous job. In the case of lack of experience, the emphasis needs to be done on the knowledge and skills you have gained during the internship: what tasks were you dealing with, how you coped, what you have learned.

It is important to properly discuss the issue of wages, of course, the employer would like to hear a specific amount from you, it means that you are well-conversant in the issue and know their value in the labor market. Act decently and honestly: then you are sure to get the reward.

Common Mistakes You Will Definitely Avoid

We’re going to mention them here and make out how to set the things right! So, let’s see what you should certainly pay great attention to when composing such paper. Check more interesting info here.

  • Copying and pasting a motivation letter sample
  • Please stay away from this temptation. Brace yourself and find an hour to write it yourself. Yes, you can use the sample to check the format and structure of your own future text, or to copy (okay, I’ll put this word here) some standard cliches for your greeting and thanks.

    But never send an employer a letter fully copied from the Net. Even if you know you’re applying to a young company, don’t underestimate its HR-manager’s skills. Bet your job is worth you being original.

  • Misspellings and other weighty errors
  • They won’t be tolerated. What’s more, your letter will be deleted immediately. Just believe me. Make sure you and your good friend proofread it before sending.

  • No signs of the particular reasons for writing
  • Remember that it doesn’t matter how well you describe all your previous jobs, as well as skills and aspirations if you don’t mention why and how they will help you deal with the job you’re applying for. It’s you who must prove an employer that you’re a right specialist for this very position. Your potential boss has neither time nor wish to analyze your writing and decide whether you’re suitable or not. You are! So, prove it! 

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