Language Difficulties International Students Face

People of Different Nations

Starting a procedure of applying to an overseas university, undergraduates need to realize all the struggle from the very start of their trip, since knowing the language at the proper level affects all educational processes and adjusting to the new environment and lifestyle. Usually, undergraduates do not take this matter seriously, so they get into the trap of misunderstandings with peers and tutors at their new university. However, not only language should be taken into consideration but religion, traditions and national peculiarities as well.

Issues of Language Difficulties


Inconveniences begin as soon as an international student gets off the plane. They appear in a new and unknown country. They feel anxiety and lack of confidence. They simply do not feel at home. Of course, the process of adaptation takes a while. Nevertheless, not all undergraduates are ready for such changes. The main rules in this situations are:

  1. Not to be afraid. Anyway, nothing can be changed at this stage. Accept the things as they are now.
  2. Do not feel embarrassed. Regarding the latest surveys, up to 50% of international students feel shame or awkwardness about their English. Ones refuse to speak much, being afraid to make slip-ups. And it is one of the ridiculous causes. Remember, the quicker you begin talking, the better you will speak the language. Consequently, there will be fewer language difficulties you will need to tackle.
  3. Flipside, language difficulties can appear when a person does not estimate their knowledge objectively. The rejection to study grammar rules and enrich vocabulary only hurts their overall well-being in the new country.
  4. The matter of personal development can also play a knotty role with international students. Other, more qualified apprentices can tease and offend the ones with lack of language knowledge. These language difficulties cannot be predicted, though, as soon as this issue has happened, do not give up, make yourself prove everybody that you are worth respect.

Results That Language Difficulties Can Cause

Language difficulties can distress every aspect of the new person’s life. The table below can enlighten the spheres and problems students may face.

Aspect Challenges

Personal Life

  • Misunderstandings with roommates and groupmates;
  • Communication and acquaintance complications.

Academic Life

  • Writing and reading problems;
  • A slow and difficult process of comprehension;
  • Misunderstanding of some complex material;
  • Spending more time for preparation;
  • The lack of slang and spoken dialect knowledge.

Social Life

  • Inability to communicate with local youth;
  • International students experience troubles going out, to the cinema, restaurant or museum.
  • They cannot take part in conferences or public performances.

Support That Host Country Provides

Undoubtedly, there are many complications that international students face in the everyday life on the new spot. Nevertheless, everything depends on them. Mostly, universities accepting international undergraduates have diverse and very useful support programs. Many local learners are open for help. They are hospitable and try to create the welcoming atmosphere for their overseas groupmates as they are as much interested in fresh activities as international students are. Language difficulties are only a barrier that can be conquered, not a limit.

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