International Studentship: An Opportunity or Stress

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The latest analysis has shown the increase of international undergraduates in the USA is drastically growing. Only Chinese and Saudi Arabian students have risen this rate by 8% for the last 2 years. Now, undergraduates from China, Saudi Arabia, and India reach 50% of the total amount of the international studentship around the country. According to ‘Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange’, the USA colleges and universities host over 4,5 millions of abroad students. What is more, this tendency keeps continuously growing.

Aside the indicators, not all these students feel happy about the different surrounding and the methodology in education. What difficulties do they face? And what is better for the freshmen: to stay in a native country or to seek for a new experience?

The Choice of International Studentship

Students around the world face a dilemma of the future education. They estimate different factors, variables and results of their choice. International Studentship is a very tempting opportunity, but can all people face it? Here are some fundamental factors influencing one of the leading decisions of youth nowadays.

Factors International Studentship Local Studentship

Return on investment (ROI)

+ Higher.

Each international company is looking for fresh and unique ideas from well-qualified specialists that have experienced an international studentship.

- Lower.

You will obtain the identical information as any other undergraduate from your area. And eventually, you will face a furious competition on the labor market.

Value of money

- It depends on the state. However, learners from India, as an example, faced serious problems when the currency of rupees dropped compared to the dollar currency.

+ You will not feel a critical change as the tuition fees will remain at your native currency.

Labor market

+ More opportunities.

Students select the university abroad also considering the terms of employment there. But, if they fail, they can come back home to find a well-paid job with an international diploma.

- Tough competition.

You will try to find a job together with similar well-qualified specialists from your course. You can get a job abroad, but you will have to either prove your diploma or accept the lower position.

Lifestyle and Location

+ A wide choice.

Students can choose any place they want, maybe, the place they have always dreamt of visiting or living in. The place where people’s lifestyle and traditions fit them perfectly.

+ A comfort zone.

It is always good to be at home. Be close to your relatives and friends. Everything is familiar to you, the lifestyle and location.


+ You are your own boss.

Students have an opportunity to bring their independence and self-care up. They are more mature compared to their peers who stay at home.

- You stay under your family’s control.

It is much harder to live an independent and self-caring life close to your family. And nobody can argue that.

International Studentship and Its Benefits

Money on Books

Any undergraduate who has a yen for the international scholarship can name numerous reasons why studying abroad is beneficial. We tried to be more objective in this matter.

  1. You will be advantaged in the employment competition due to your overseas knowledge, skills and experience.
  2. You will gain virtues and competency while adjusting to new environment and dealing with complex tasks.
  3. You will be offered an exceptional opportunity to study subjects from diverse angles under professors from different countries.
  4. You will be able to study foreign languages with native speakers and in their environment.
  5. You will be aware of diverse traditions, religions, the way of the people’s behavior from different countries, consequently, you will have an opportunity to extend your communicational skills.

International Studentship is Your Own Choice

There are so many advantages and disadvantages concerning this topic that each person should make a decision by themselves. Numerous factors can influence the desire to study abroad, and they can be both positive and negative. The thing is that international studentship can be beneficial for one and totally stressful for another. Anyway, everyone should have such choice in their lives.

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