There Is No Place Like Home: Essay Sample

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It is a common topic for writing an essay at school or college. Although it seems to be an easy task to create one, there may appear some troubles and mistakes, sometimes one just suffers from lack of ideas. In this article short instruction and plenty of samples are demonstrated. It may be used as a basis for making own essay about a native place. Remember that it is a bad idea just to copy somebody’s essay. It is often better to spend some time and make own with specific features and experiences.

Describe Your Home

You may start with a short description of the native city, its general look, architecture, infrastructure and other specific features. Mention why you love it and what places have to be visited by tourists. Don’t use too average phrases and words, as “beautiful town”, “ancient monuments” etc. Try to stay creative and make an unusual approach to this work. Then you have to write down something about the house itself, it may be exterior and interior, surroundings, garden, favorite rooms and so on. You are free to describe anything you like from old tree in the yard to the fancy cushion on the sofa.


People often link relations with certain places, and they become the reason why one wants to come back again and again. It may be parents, friends or lovers. Put something about them on the paper, which feelings and memories it evokes. It is possible to describe your family in this paragraph, if this is the reason of love to a certain place.


You definitely had certain pleasant events which influenced you or changed your personality. If it is not too personal, write down some of them. Describe your memories about home in several sentences, but make them strong and confident. It is a bad idea to write about case that happened in childhood the whole paragraph.

Kids in Yard


Describe what kind of emotions you feel being at home. It may be comfort, cosiness and security. Lares and Penates often make the person relaxed and calm, it helps to overcome stress and depression, renew physical and mental health. If you had similar situation, write about it in your essay to emphasize the importance of native place in human’s life.

Be Creative

Don’t try to copy somebody’s essay or ideas. Examples’ usage is possible, of course, but only with an eye to search inspiration and basic material. Without any exaggeration, you can discover many interesting things about your home, just pay attention to details. Items, people and memories are things that matter.

All in all, creating an essay about love to the native place is not a hard task. One doesn’t have to be a talented writer or have an amazing imagination. Just take some time to think and review several examples. Soon your writing will be finished, and the mark for it will definitely be positive. Avoid plagiarism as it may be easily discovered by the teacher and you will get punishment for it and lose his respect.

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