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Studying at Home

Nowadays home education becomes more and more popular within younger generations, as it is easy, fast, reachable at any time and interesting. It can provide you with much knowledge in diverse areas of life and give you more opportunities to develop yourself and find a good job in the future. After reading this college essay you will understand more about main pluses and minuses of this type of education.

Pluses of Home Education

  1. It is free. Some of the courses you choose are totally free. For example, you can go on and find a free course on a topic you are interested in. On some web pages, you can be asked to pay a certain amount of money after you finish an elementary level and want to move further.
  2. Program’s diversity. There are thousands of different programs starting with mobile robotics and finishing with world music. Moreover, you can choose several courses at the same time. Most of the courses usually don’t take longer than 3 months, but it surely depends on the subject.
  3. Study at home. You don’t need to go to university to study. You can easily do it without leaving your own room. You won’t be given boring homework here and a teacher won’t give you bad grades.
  4. Flexible schedules. You can organize your time by yourself and learn as much as you want per day. There are no limits or restrictions here.
  5. Possibility to choose what you want. The most common problem of all the universities is a wide range of subjects apart from main ones, which no one really needs to learn or use in the future, but they are still in our schedules. Many students simply lose a desire to study because of that.

Minuses of Home Education

  1. No certificates. If you choose to study by yourself, be ready that you won’t be given any special certificate or diploma to prove your knowledge. In this case, studying at the university is a better way to choose.
  2. Self-organization and motivation. The lack of it can make you easily give up and feel depressed.
  3. No real communication. If you have a teacher in the classroom, he will help you to correct mistakes or give you personal advice on how to learn better. He usually knows all your weak and strong points and can use individual methods while teaching you. It is not the same when you study at home. Besides, you can’t make new friends or learn material together.

To sum up, it is up to you if you choose to study at home or at the university, as now you know all the advantages and disadvantages of such an education.

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