Reasons Why Friends Are Important


Friendships help us stay sane throughout lives and persevere despite difficulties. Many psychologists have shown the beneficial effects of friendship.

However, it can also be rather harmful. You need to be very careful when choosing a friends’ circle as they have a great impact not only on your personal, but also your professional life.

Here are 7 reasons why you should foster friendships regardless of how little time you might have for it.

Friendships Are Healthy

Research has shown that people who maintain strong ties to others have a higher life expectancy and lower risks of heart disease. Moreover, they are less likely to succumb to mental illnesses, abuse dangerous substances or commit suicide.

Forming a support network is crucial if you want to get through life troubles with the least damage. Friends can help steer you in the right direction and offer insightful advice on how to tackle your problems.

Simply understanding that you are not alone in your predicament is going to boost your spirits. Very often people would feel that they are the only ones with such bad experiences. However, talking to others can open their eyes to the fact that many others suffer the same.

Friendships Mean Networking

Although many would discard networking as something ignoble, it is important for people of similar interests to stick together. It helps them define their personalities as well as be more successful in their endeavors.

It is obvious that friends can inspire you to pursue certain hobbies or even career choices. They can help you reveal your hidden talents and capabilities. Friends can help you better understand yourself, your hopes and dreams.

Moreover, friends can help you get a job. If they already work in the sphere, they can recommend you to their boss or become your mentors. It is very helpful to have somebody to refer to at the beginning of your career. It will for sure expedite your advancement.

Friendships Increase Self-Esteem

The best friendships are built upon trust and sharing. In today’s world it is important to maintain an image of a successful and hard-working professional. However, quite frequently it becomes overwhelming, and it is always good to have someone to share your insecurities.

People have their vulnerabilities, but they rarely show them. It is common for everyone to hide behind the facade of success and confidence, afraid to reveal the true self. However, with friends there is no need for secrecy. They make you understand that you are not the only one with flaws, and help you reconnect with your human nature.

Talking with friends can result in a healthier self-perception, as people who love you usually have their reasons which are often invisible for you. Especially it is hard to see your strengths at your lowest, and it is crucial that friends are there for you to dispel your impostor misconceptions and boost your spirits by showing how good of a person you really are.


Do not shun away from your friends, no matter how preoccupied with other things you are. They do not only make you physically healthier, but also contribute to an overall quality of life. 

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