Master Speaking as an Introvert: Useful Tips

Introvert Feeling Uncomfortable

Speaking a foreign language can be truly exhausting when you are an introvert. Even using your own mother tongue, you cannot withstand social interactions for a long time. Speaking another language usually requires even more energy from you.

So, how to become a master interlocutor in a foreign language and not to feel drained? Here are some tips for you.

1.Find the Friend

I don’t mean just any friend. Introverts tend to feel much less comfortable around new people. However, time with a dear friend can be truly energizing. I recommend you finding a permanent friend with whom you could feel more and more at ease each new time you meet or converse online.

2.Prepare as Much as Possible

Introverts are generally not so good at spontaneous interactions. They tend to overthink the situation and mumble being afraid to say something wrong. Therefore, if you are an introvert, try preparing for an upcoming conversation as much as physically possible. If you study the vocabulary and read on the topic you are going to discuss, you will feel much more serene as a result.

3.Engage in Soliloquies

Putting it simply, talk to yourself. It can make you feel much more confident when facing a native speaker. Moreover, talking to yourself can reinforce your vocabulary and sentence structure knowledge.

4.Balance Your Energy Levels

Even if you are really determined to leave your comfort zone, do not strain yourself till the ultimate collapse. You should realistically asses your ability to handle social interactions. Get out with a time limit in mind. Find a way to refuel your energy when necessary. In general, be mindful

5.Fake It till You Make It

Try to distance yourself from the situation. Imagine that you are a character in a video game, and you are to go through this speaking level of learning a foreign language. Or imagine being an actor. Whatever works for you, try not to delve deep into your own worries and insecurities. Fake your confidence, till you obtain it naturally through much training. This is what happened to me, and I am an introvert. I believe you can do it too!

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