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Our active vocabulary consists of words that we understand and use in our everyday life. If you can easily make up a sentence using a word, it means that this word belongs to your active vocabulary. When it comes to learning foreign languages, active vocabulary shows your level of erudition and the ability to express your thoughts in a more complex way. With the help of this college essay, we will draw your attention to 5 main tips on how to develop our vocabulary.

Tip # 1 Read as Much as Possible

This advice is probably one of the most valuable. If you read a story and see an unknown word, try to guess its meaning first. Only then you can check a vocabulary to see if you were right or wrong. What is extremely good about reading is that words repeat quite often, and it helps to think again about their meaning as well as memorize.

Tip # 2 Use Thesaurus

These web services were created in order to help learners find synonyms and antonyms as well as definitions of words. Most of the people use «easy» words when they talk and never use their synonyms. Such a phenomenon is quite widespread. For instance, commonly used word combination «I think» can be replaced with «I guess», «I assume», «I am convinced that» etc.

Tip # 3 Overstep an Intermediate Level

Lots of language learners give up after they reach an intermediate level because at this stage they already can maintain basic communication and survive abroad. Thus, a person can become really lazy with learning the lexical material. This middle level can also be called «comfort zone», which is extremely hard to overstep. The best solution would be to find a person, who can talk to you about more complex topics, for instance, science, art, literature etc. The lexical material of these spheres of life is not common and will substantially expand your vocabulary.

Tip # 4 Watch More Movies

First, watching films is quite a magnetic process. Second, if you choose to watch latest movies, you will probably hear some new slang or various dialects you never heard before. That’s because any language develops all the time and it’s always better to be updated. Apart from that, you can choose to watch a documentary on a specific topic and replenish your vocabulary in a certain field. Besides, you can listen to different types of accents while watching a movie, which will help you to understand a spoken language better.

All in all, in order to widen your lexicon you can choose either one of these methods or try using all of them. And don’t forget to spend at least one hour per pay learning a language and repeating already learned material, as this process requires permanence.

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