Tips to Write an Effective Essay for 30 Minutes

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It is already a common truth that a successful essay needs a good deal of time and preparation. Our tutors repeat diligently that we must do all our writing assignments beforehand. But, even all these memes ending with “only hardcore” cannot convince us yet otherwise. However, sometimes there are such situations like exam when you do not have enough time to think long rearranging the text hundreds of times.

In that regard, it is significant to be prepared for such situations in good time. In this article, we will show you that to write a perfect concise essay in the conditions of lack of time is possible.

Tip #1. Focused and Concentrated

Be precise in your answer, do not talk about all things at once instead of the asked one. Padding can do a disservice and create an illusion that you do not know the matter and just try to fill in space on the paper disguising a lack of knowledge in this way.

Tip #2. Organized and Structured

Do not compose the text randomly. Decide before the start what will be at the beginning, what in the middle, and what at the end as a conclusion. In other words, everything you write and call an essay has to have such parts as:

  • Introduction – it has to include a clear thesis statement or at least the aim of essay;
  • Body – this part includes arguments and consists of the supportive points to your thesis statement;
  • Conclusion – restate the main idea you have been proving in the Body one more time and suppose prospects for further discussion.

Tip #3. Supported and Proven

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Do not write the “naked” assertions. Every academic essay needs facts and examples, figures and numbers that will demonstrate the propriety of your argumentation. Supporting pieces of evidence can weigh a lot when it goes about marks “A” or “B.” That is why it is better to write nothing than to throw allegations.

Tip #4. Packaged and Compact

Students that do not implement the rules of language can be regarded as unqualified and less literate.

Step-by-Step Plan to Follow

  1. Read every question intently;
  2. After you got the picture of all the points, choose those to be replied immediately (you know the answers to them for sure); leave the others aside to return to them later.
  3. In each question, highlight those words that convey the essence of the issue at best;
  4. Try to write fast at the same time keeping the text comprehensible as much as you can;
  5. The first sentence of the reply should generalize and contain the same terms as ones used in the question;
  6. The last step is always proofreading and editing if there are some mistakes.

We hope that these tips were useful for you and gave a hint regarding essay writing on the exam.

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