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Composing an essay about your personality is a common task for college students, especially for those who study humanities, as the first thing you learn is how to describe your character, life, hobbies, etc. in another language. The ability to write such papers is important in life as well, for example, while applying for a new job or scholarship at prestigious university or when you want to create your resume as well as write some college or school essays. So let’s go!

The Composition of Your Essay

The typical pattern of an essay consists of 3 key parts: introduction part, body part and a conclusion.

  1. Introduction part. Regarding this part, you must focus on telling your readers some basic information, like your name, place of birth, some background and who this essay is dedicated to.
  2. Body part. Here you can focus on your talents, interests or hobbies you enjoy. If this essay will be read by an employer or some university you applied for, the best idea would be to name all of your achievements and stay focused on positive features of your personality. You can also name some challenges you faced before and how you coped with them. Besides, you can talk about your dreams and ways to make them come true.
  3. Conclusion. Here you can just sum up all the data about yourself and if this essay will be sent to a university, you can end it up with a phrase like «It will be a great opportunity to receive the scholarship and become a student at your university» etc.

Useful Tips to Keep in Mind

  1. While writing an essay you can focus on some particular moments of your life and go into details if needed, but remember not to make it too long, as a reader can become either bored or tired of your essay.
  2. Do not overestimate your achievements or gifts in such an essay in order not to create an impression of a self-centered person. Instead of saying «I had the best grades comparing to my classmates» you can say «I was so lucky to get A+ in all of the subjects».
  3. Create a short plan first. Before writing an essay, try to think of the most vivid episodes of your life which are directly connected to the purpose of an essay.
  4. Be unique. Do not try to follow a pattern while defining your character. Try to sound unordinary and show everyone that you differ in a certain way. Thus, it will make others draw attention to your paper and remember you.
  5. Define the style of your essay. If you write it for a job application or to get a scholarship you should sound professional and academic. Do not use slang or jargon in your story.
  6. Do not forget to describe your future goals and plans. Most of the universities or employers seek those people who have an idea of what they want to do in the future.
  7. Don't mistake the cover letter for the resume, as those are two separate types of paper.

To sum up, in order to write your personal essay correctly you should understand its main purpose and know who is going to be your reader. 

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