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Nowadays, many people want to receive an education of a high level and that is why they choose Europe. Today, we are going to talk if it is really necessary to leave your own country and go to a place far away from home in order to study. Hopefully, you will find the information given here useful not only for the future but for writing your own college essays on a similar topic. Let’s go!

Advantages of Studying in Europe

  1. The system of education in Europe is quite flexible as well as there is a great diversity of programs to choose from. It doesn’t really matter if you want to study Science or Humanities. There is a great teaching staff in each university.
  2. There are lots of evening schools, which may be useful for those who want to earn money.
  3. There are lots of centers for an adult population.
  4. The system of distance learning works successfully. Students can also have enough time to work and earn additional money.
  5. There is a wide range of programs for Master Degree.
  6. Lots of universities are rather public than private and it also meant that the most talented students have a chance to win a scholarship.
  7. The system of education is regulated by state and many countries support the principle of «academic freedom».
  8. In some of the countries, education is free. But usually, this rule works for local people.
  9. There are lots of programs of funding for students.
  10. The studying process is focused on the needs of the Market.
  11. Many companies offer internships for young graduates, which can give you a great experience and open new job opportunities.
  12. Technical professions are valued the most and all the researches are held on a high level.

Disadvantages of Studying in Europe

  1. Students of humanitarian specialties have difficulties with crediting of studies.
  2. There are no general requirements on the quality of learning.
  3. The learning process can drag on for years. Because if you cannot pass exams you have to stay for another year and start your courses from the very beginning.
  4. Some of the universities are overloaded with students.
  5. In most of the countries, the system of education is decentralized.

Mental Preparation

If you are still thinking about going abroad to study, make sure you are ready for that. Many students find it a good chance to start new life but they are usually not ready to be far away for any support in their life in a country far away from home. This especially refers to young teenagers. But you shouldn’t be afraid of new experiences; you just need to be ready to face problems on your own.

To conclude, studying in Europe can be a life changing opportunity and now that you know main pluses and minuses of such an education, you can hopefully make a right decision. Good luck!

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