5 Tips That Will Change Your Attitude Toward Education

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The modern world is constantly changing. What is relevant today, tomorrow turns into useless information. Teachers pale into insignificance, knowledge ceases to be something of a secret… because there is Google and

On the basis of its experience, our team has gathered a few tips that will help young people find interesting opportunities, new knowledge, and bright impressions.

Determine Desires

Alas, there is no way round it. It is important to understand and accept your desires. As they say, love cannot be forced. Forcing yourself to learn something, you will only fail – you do need to desire it. It may seem that the only wish is not enough. However, its clear realization is the first step towards making planned goals come true. The main thing is not to get lost in the current whirl of opportunities.

Look for Opportunities

For sure, this world is unlimited, but it is worthwhile to outline the main directions in which you can move.

Volunteering. Being a volunteer means being in a trend. It is not only good and useful, but also fun, diverse, and cool. Imagine yourself in an unforgettable journey for a week through the unusual corners of the country. At the same time, you are a member of a cohesive team, you meet interesting guys from different regions and make new friends.

Erasmus +. The program of the European Union Erasmus +, in addition to academic exchange between universities, includes short-term youth exchanges, trainings, and the European Volunteer Service (EVS). Pleasant bonus: the program is not just free, but even reimburses participants’ money for the flight, pays for food and accommodation. The lucky ones who got on the EVS are also given pocket money.

Youth organizations and useful resources. There are also international youth organizations that can send for internships abroad or take to one of the many camps around the country (e.g., AIESEC). And, finally, it is important to know about the resources that constantly update information about the various possibilities. Among dozens of platforms and hundreds of public groups, it is worthwhile to follow such ones as HeySucsees, Opportunity Desk, MladiInfo, and many others.

Do Not Give Up

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Be prepared for a failure. A lot and often. After all, if it were so easy to enter Harvard, would it be so valued as it is? You will hear a thousand “No,” a hundred “Unfortunately, you have not passed,” and so on. But if you really know your final place of destination in your career, such misfortunes should become stepping stones to your success.

Broaden the Mind

We “live in a box.” We share the basic values and traditions that are relevant to our country and region. But the world is far from being the same everywhere. In Sweden and Germany, you will not be dealt with if you are late even for a minute, and in Portugal and Italy, they will be considered an oddball if you are not able to relax and spend more than half an hour on espresso with dessert.

We must be prepared to accept all the differences that only emphasize the diversity of the world. After all, many programs, including FLEX, UGRAD, and UWC, tend to teach us adaptability to the ever-changing world and tolerance to the peoples, every with its own set of characteristics. After such programs, you realize the value and privilege of critical thinking and understand the importance of the integrity of the relationship among all countries.

Remember the Pleasant Consequences

It may seem strange, but taking part in different kinds of volunteer projects, exchange programs, trainings, and seminars breaks the vicious circle "there is no experience - there is no work, no work - no experience." Public organizations, especially international ones, have a wide network of partners, and there may be a chance to get to work for one of them. In addition, after the end of the programs, as a rule, a community of graduates is created, and often it happens that when there is a new start-up or business, the founders recruit the team primarily from this community.

As a bonus, we suggest to look at 3 programs:

  • One Beat - an exchange program for musicians from around the world in the US, which involves collaboration in different styles and a trip with performances in several states;
  • Early Bird International (China) offers to live with a host family from 3 to 12 months, in exchange for acquaintance with Chinese culture, and it is necessary to teach English to your host family;
  • Volunteering for International Professionals - Malaysia for 4 months and all inclusive.

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