Manual Guide on A Successful Descriptive Essay

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Sooner or later, this task always appears to take place when a teacher asks you to write an essay which has a special mark – description. Therefore, instead of surfing the internet trying to figure out why cannot you just write it as you wish, we offer you a free and complete instruction from our paper writing service. Just take a look!

Definition of This Type of Essay

If you started having panic already after receiving such a task, do not get desperate. An adjective “descriptive” does not change the whole idea of writing, however it changes a writing style and topics. The main objective of such a paper is that you act according to your senses of perception – you observe the object or a person you write about, touch it, listen to it and even smell it! So, using senses like sight, smell, touch, hear will be really good helpers in order to succeed with this task.

That is how it works: you experience the topic completely from inner and outer side to get to the core part of writing – showing it the readers with your words. It is very personal as you are mostly being asked to write on something you know or like or have experienced already as you need to observe and reflect it later.


The structure is a piece of cake, just do not forget any component and you will be fine:

  1. Introduction. State the topic, give a few hints on what is to be enlightened.
  2. Body part. Use all your poetical skills to make it not boring and humdrum but intriguing even if it is ordinary. It is not in your mind. Add some arguments here that will fully complete the whole topic and leave the reader with a good impression of the objective in their head.
  3. Conclusion. Sum it up, add some words to concretize what you were intending to discover with this essay or have a few words hanging to create an impression of a to-be-continued story.

But first, let’s discuss the topics for such an extraordinary paper. It can be a place you have been to (or never been in your life), a thing that has some special meaning in your life or a person who is takes a primary position like family member or someone you admire (or who was simply named by a teacher to be interviewed).

Once you come up with the chosen topic, the writing process will become a piece of cake. And the types of topics can be various.

Topics to Write a Descriptive Essay On

Giving Out Goods

In case your imagination leaves much more to wish for, we have prepared some of the most interesting and exciting topics to write on. Check them out!

Writing about a person:

  • My favorite teacher;
  • My sister (brother) as an example of kindness;
  • A role model – my favorite actor and their lifestyle;
  • Why my dad is the bravest in the world;
  • My mother is my best adviser;
  • The quirkiest literature character;
  • The main character in cinematography who influenced my life perception;
  • Why my best friend is the best;
  • Describing your classmate;
  • A stranger I met on the street;
  • A shopping lady who wished me to have a good luck;
  • A penpal I never met in real.

Topics for describing a place:

  • The best local restaurant;
  • The most unforgettable trip I ever had;
  • What is to say about a stall;
  • A museum adventure;
  • The school library;
  • My dorm room is my second home;
  • The vivid city center;
  • A flow of mind – my dream place;
  • The bridge that has impressed me at most.

Depicting a thing:

  • The fountain at the place I live;
  • The dessert I adore;
  • My special book;
  • A vase with flowers on the table in my kitchen;
  • My little puppy;
  • The pair of shoes I put on every day;
  • The photograph of my grandparents;
  • A postcard from a foreign country;
  • A drop of rain on my window-sill.

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