How to Write an Original Definition Essay on Friendship

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Probably, it’s even not the very first time you should write an essay on such topic. Since primary school, teachers often ask us to describe our best friends, to explain why this girl or boy is our best friend, and to meditate on friendship in general. Just imagine how many papers have passed through your tutor’s hands before yours!

But do you know what’s the most specific feature of essays about friends and friendship? In their essence, they are all similar. Despite the fact that our experiences can be and are different, they still make us give very similar definitions to friendship and reach very similar conclusions.

Friendship is treasure. Life would be much gloomier without it. And so on and so forth.

But if you happened to lose the drafts of your previous essays on this topic, it looks like the right time to try to come up with something really outstanding. And we have just prepared a few fresher tips for you to write a new, original paper, defining the concept of friendship in a really memorable way. So your teacher may even cite your essay in front of the class. Not to mention a well-deserved high grade for it.

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Effective and Versatile Remedy

From a medical and psychological points of view, having true friends is extremely good for your health. What’s more, it appears to improve your chance of a longer and definitely much happier life.

Scientific research has proved that a wide and strong social network becomes our obvious advantage in the fight against depression, obesity, and even heart attacks or cancer. By the way, don’t you really start feeling much better when you somehow remember that there are people who love and support you?

That’s the thing. Love and intimacy are advocated as great healing powers when we get sick or just upset. And this is not another set of standardly beautiful words. This is a reputable opinion of a modern American physician and researcher, Dean Ornish. Just so you know, he’s also a current Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California in San Francisco. Quite an impressive figure to quote in your essay, isn’t he?

DNA-Determined Phenomenon


One of the most recent joint studies of Yale University and University of California has provided a stunning finding. It turns out that you share about 1% of your DNA with your closest friend! That is why comparing dear friends with brothers and sisters isn’t far from the scientifically proved truth.

DNA stores the information about you as a code. It is made up of four chemical bases, whose sequence determines how your organism is built and maintained. You can learn more about it here. And we’re going to continue defining friendship from this genetic point of view.

So, you and your friend shouldn’t wonder if you notice that you both the same thoughts occur to you at the same time, that you like or dislike the same things, that you have similar attitudes to life. That’s just a tiny part of DNA you share.

It’s another question, however, how we identify people whose DNA has something in common with ours. Have any suggestions? Include them in your essay!

One of the Basic Things We Learn

According to the results of the research conducted at the University of Chicago, you could recognize friendship when you were as old as… nine months! Please mind that we aren’t talking about comprehending what friendship is or giving any particular meaning to this phenomenon. Even when we become “average adults”, we might not be able to do it.

Sixty-four 9-month-old babies, who were involved into the experiment, were all able to distinguish between friendly and unfriendly relationships of the actors in the videos showed to them. As Amanda Woodward, one the authors of the study, noticed, tots tended to look longer at the scenes which were unexpected or “illogical” for them.

Thus, they stared longer at the videos of people who treated each other in a friendly way but expressed opposite opinions on the mystery food. (Babies could recognize those opinions by actors’ facial expressions.) At the same time, they were obviously surprised to see people who treated each other in an unfriendly way but expressed similar opinions on the food.

Solid Basis for Healthy Human Relationships

Friendship can help us be not only great college mates, but also understanding colleagues and caring spouses. Interestingly, there also is an opinion that real friendship between you and your second half will result in a strong and long-lasting marriage. Love is not enough, as you can see.

The differences between love and friendship make a good topic for a separate essay. For example, the one on comparing and contrasting these two concepts or experiences.

However, let’s finish up with only one notion today. A friend is a person who knows you inside out, literally, but keeps standing you and caring about you. A friend can forgive and understand. At least they pretend they do. And what can be better for building harmonious relationships?

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