7 Tips on Creativity: Start Thinking out of Box

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Wikipedia defines creativity as the ability to create fundamentally new ideas, look for non-standard solutions, and deviate from the usual patterns of thinking. Why can some people give ten solutions in two minutes how to use a white sheet of paper, while others work out strategies for 24 hours without having a single fresh idea? Why inspiration and creativity do not depend on spring (after all, many people "come to life" with warming) and how to develop creative thinking quickly, for free, and without registration or SMS?

Tip 1: Use Mindmap

The compilation of mental maps is especially popular among designers, content writers, marketing experts, and entrepreneurs themselves. In general, all those who work with the "flow of consciousness" and need its structuring.

Just next time, when you need to think through a new project, write down the ideas on such a card. Then, the results of labor can be shared with others. This is more convenient than writing associations by hand. Next time, use the Mindmap.

Tip 2: Brainstorming

Ask yourself a question that needs to be addressed, and look for as many options of the answer as possible. The more alternatives you find, the better it is. The secret of successful brainstorming is not to discard any options but to write down all the answers that come up. At first, you will be thinking trite, seeing things in the usual light. However, after half an hour of such a process, the subconscious will join, and unusual decisions will begin to come up, about which you did not even guess.

Tip 3: Present Your Ideas to Others

Even the greatest innovator needs the support to work out the new ideas. What do most innovative ideas from Microsoft to Google have in common? All of them were developed not by one person, but by a team of people who together discussed, criticized (this is very important), planned, presented to investors, and asked many questions.

If you have a large audience in social networks, you can ask for advice from them, ask to join to the discussion. The more points of view you get, the better it is.

Tip 4: Read More

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One of the most effective tools for drawing new interesting ideas is reading. It is known that Bill Gates together with Ray Ozzie annually go on vacation for reading. For the whole year, they consciously collect a pile of literature that is not related to the daily work of the company and then go off for one or two weeks for a deep immersion in reading. This "book intensive course" helps quickly digest new ideas and find additional opportunities for building an innovative environment within the company.

This method is also effective because one can simpler remember what he/she read a week ago than what was done a half a year ago. And although initially you are not looking for specific ideas, but after reading the books, exactly what you need comes to your mind. Just like after reading a casual article surfing the Internet.

Not everyone can afford such a vacation as Bill Gates, but what prevents you from using this concept in the workflow or while studying? Many organizations encourage their employees to take breaks in their work to obtain new information. For example, Google and 3M allow their employees one day a week (20% of the time) not to engage in current work, but to devote time to creativity and the development of new ideas.

Tip 5: Get Enough Sleep

Workaholics, calm down: it is already unfashionable to work 24/7. This indicates your inability to organize time correctly and no more. If you want fresh ideas? Be open to them. Your brain needs a rest (at least 8 hours) to process the flow of information received for the day.

Tip 6: Write by Hand

This is a fairly new technique for developing creative thinking from writer Mark Levy. He even dedicated a book to it: Free Writing: A Modern Technique for Finding Creative Solutions. Its essence is to not control your thoughts, write everything that pops up into your head. No laptop, just write a stream of consciousness on a blank sheet.

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Tip 7: Broaden Your Horizons

The Americans conducted a study that showed: the progress of students who traveled a lot was higher, as the results of the test for creative thinking were. This is due to the fact that journeys make us think outside the box. Maybe, you should instead of sitting at home and working or studying the whole weekend, just go to any new place?

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