How to Make Your Co-Workers Be Friendly with You

Friendly Team

You may write a college essay about psychology, but it does not guarantee that you understand the ways of making friends. Moreover, you could be surprised why people are not happy to socialize with you in spite of your cheerful attitude to them. It is also important to improve some critical details in your behavior and your attitude to life.

Manage Your Sleep

To make friends you ought to have a friendly mood. So, the great condition of a good feeling is a healthy sleep at night. The scientists have already compiled lists of habits that help and prevent us from falling asleep. Moreover, the nutritionists have developed a list of products that calm down the body. In any case, the basis of calm nights is a normal sleep routine. This tip may sound unpleasant, but it is accurate: if you want your body to sleep at night, you have to teach it to sleep at night. That way you will make it without any efforts to switch off at ten in the evening and get up at six in the morning.


This property cannot be replaced by anything. Even if you are the cleverest student, the most disciplined and executive employee, the richest customer, even the sweetest and most beautiful person in the world – it will go unnoticed if you have not learned to listen to other people. Empathy is one of the qualities of leadership; it is inherent to a successful businessman and team leader. Also, learn why empathy makes up a leader.

Ask for Help

People are afraid of asking for help because of their ego. They think if they ask a question, they will look like fools. However, if you do not know how to perform a task, and you do not ask experienced people, the information will not appear in your head by a miracle. Moreover, eventually you will look like a fool twice: because you did not complete the talk, and because you did not ask for an advice. The ability to ask for help at the right time is important not only for the novice workers. Even successful entrepreneurs often seek competent advice to make their business continue to grow. In addition, requests for favor help to establish friendly relationships: asking questions, you admit the person’s erudition, which is always nice to him or her.

Friends Have Fun

Remain Silent When It Is Necessary

It is good to understand when it is better not to intervene, and, in fact, do it. This ability embraces two settings: the first one is to stop making comments that you were not asked to do; the second is to restrain the verbal flow of negative emotions. It is easy to offer advice, but we all know, that when the conversation turns to higher tones, it leaves no logical actions. Nevertheless, remember, that an angry speech usually contains a lot of emotions and little of sense.

Learn to Listen and Hear

It does not only mean the ability to just shut up. The ability to understand what people say is more relevant – it means to take to take an active part in the process of hearing what people want to convey. Listening to others and receiving the information is a serious job.

Stop Prying into Other People's Business

It goes well with the advice to keep your mouth shut at the right time. Everybody has their own beliefs and rules of life – do not try to force your own views on them. Moreover, it can really save a lot of power, if you do not argue about the proper way of living.

Do Not Spread and Listen to Gossips

Every relationship is built on trust. But there is no trust since you are whispering about a person behind their back or believe in someone’s whisperings about him or her. Nobody likes gossips, even if it is a good way to make a lively conversation. Now somebody is talking about your co-worker’s private life, but tomorrow you may become the centre of attention.

Following these simple advice, you may easily make more friends among your co-workers and improve the working environment.

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