Cheating – Is It Good or Bad?

Student Caught Cheating

What should a person do if everyone wants to cheat from his copybook? That is a good question, as our parents used to say that cheating is bad all the time when we were small kids. But experience shows that cheating can be good sometimes. On the other hand, when someone is trying to cheat something out of you, it can easily turn you into an aggressive and nervous person. Now let’s look closer at some of the advantages of cheating. Information from this article may later be a good source for your own college essay.

Advantages of Cheating

  1. Everyone likes you. People often compliment you and give you some small presents, for example chocolates.
  2. Classmates respect you or pretend to do so. In most of the cases, their attitude towards you is nice but fake.
  3. Teachers like you as well, as they always know who helps everyone else in the class and who is the most hard-working.
  4. When you get sick everyone starts calling and asking you about your health and recovery.
  5. You will never sit alone at your desk, as there are lots of neighbors with tons of problems in their academic performance.

Disadvantages of Cheating

  1. Helping others out can waste much of your time, especially during exams. Moreover, some of the teachers are very strict and may give you a bad mark or ask you to leave the classroom and retake an exam later.
  2. If you don’t do your homework once in a while, everyone will blame on you and think about you as of the main reasons of their bad academic performance.
  3. If you let someone use your cribs, you will have to do it all the time. Otherwise, your classmates will simply stop talking to you.
  4. Letting others use you will never show you real and fake friends.

Solutions to the Problem

  1. Honesty. You should tell everyone that from now on everyone is responsible for their grades and you are not going to cheat. The reaction may be controversial but everyone should respect your opinion. Besides, if you are honest with people, you will see your real friends and enemies.
  2. Deliberate deception. You can try to write wrong answers and give them to others as well. Your academic performance will suffer a bit and your teacher won’t understand how it happened, but in the future, no one will ask your help again.
  3. A+. If you attend all the classes and do all the homework, your teacher will probably give you an A+ in advance, so you won’t need to attend an exam and help others out.

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