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It is not a secret that sometimes the success of a story are the people that fill it. Their personalities, ambitions, quirks, worldviews can be relatable and fascinating to observe. An eye-catching character is hard to think up. In that regard, we highly advise you to read the article about creative thinking before proceeding further: .

Furthermore, a character can develop throughout the story, or show a few sides of their personality that may surprise you. Here are a few tips you could follow in order to give birth to such a character by yourself for an original story.


Visualize them. In case there is already a plot you can base yourself on, it might be easier to do it. If not, there is no need to be upset, as you could edit your tale around your main person. Think carefully their age, social position, name, gender, nationality. Add an appearance that can interest other people or be recognizable.

For example, Captain Hook is famous for his hand in the form of a hook that adds to his scary features. Do not stop at describing their eyes and hair color, as it adds nothing to the story. Mention an interesting scar or a peculiar walking style.


A feature that makes anyone stand out is personality. It is something that drives them to make the decisions they make, to follow the path that they follow. You can as easily make them inherit some traits, or give them a special worldview according to some situations they lived through. Make someone starving for affection because they never got it from their parents. Add a particular sense of humor that comes only to former circus workers. This is your free reign.

Position in Society

Even though you could make a bare character without a social position, they would not get very far in your story. Think about your setting and visualize your character. Consider their social position and it will be easier to understand their purpose and what are the threads that bind them to the other featured characters.


Quirks are recognizable. As soon as someone mentions a magnifying glass or a detective hat, everyone thinks of Sherlock Holmes. What peculiarities can you add to the portrait to make them truly pop? In order to think up something incredible, you could visualize a minimalist poster of your character. What object would it depict? You can think up a particular way they talk, or how they act differently compared to other people. Anything can be a quirk, but make sure to use it in your story to your benefit.

Sherlock Holmes


Another way to the heart of a character is through dialogues. How do they talk to other people? What accent do they have? What languages do they know? What words do they use? Are they keen on slang?

Do they use a more sarcastic approach with some humorous language in an otherwise serious setting? Language is the mirror of a person, and you could use it in a million ways to your advantage. Composing a dialogue believably is even harder, as you need to show two characters at once, and their relationship.

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