You May Choose Your Friends, Your CGN Neighbors Are Thrust upon You

Computer Game Nerd

One of the challenges in a dormitory is to live together with other people that can be, let say, different and even strange. One of such “weird guys” is a computer/video game nerd (CGN).

According to the online Urban Dictionary, a video game nerd is a person that does nothing but plays computer games. CGN does not care about his/her appearance, the only thing that can make him/her get the butt up is purchasing of a new game.

Surely, it is funny to laugh at such people. However, sharing the same territory with them is already the issue to discuss.



I suppose these guys even did not hear about such things as shower, soap, and toothbrush. Usually, they can be worn in the same t-short for… a long period. I even do not want to think about underpants. Maybe, game nerds can be called the last natural individuals in our feigned society.

They Speak a Different Language

When they communicate with each other, it is really hard to get what is going on. All their words sound just like “blah-blah-blah…” Moreover, it is one thing when they use slang talking about games, but it is a real challenge to find out what the phrase means when it is a mix of common words with other common English words, which meaning, however, is absolutely different from the accepted one.

"Who Cares" Attitude Toward Dorm Room

When you, finally, made a decision to speak out the boiled-over emotions, you can discover a fantastic “whateverism.” dude will agree with all their crimes but will continue to behave themselves just like before. Through my own experience, I revealed what could force them to change. Shame. Real shame, it is preferable, in front of other people. It can really help. Nonetheless, the effect is impermanent (two-three months).

Girls Gamers


Computer game nerds are always depicted as the shy guys with a rash. It is quite difficult to imagine that they can be loud and make noise. Nevertheless, after sharing a dorm room with the video game nerd, I can surely say that they are loud enough to wake me up at night. The sounds that allow me to state this thought are a permanent mouth clicking and the sudden bursts of cursing with dirty words.

Moreover, when it goes about MMO they use headphones to keep in touch with other players. In that regard, it is absolutely typical to wake up at night because of a conversation among the members of this “sect.”

How to Interact with CGNs in a Dorm Room

  1. Set strict time frames for playing games;

    Tell him/her that it is unacceptable to play at night or when someone is trying to learn or simply have a leisure time. Moreover, discuss the usage of dirty words. Explain that if he/she will continue to express the feelings as… an ill-mannered person, then he/she would hear really hard words from you.

  2. Speak always very seriously and with anger;

    Speak with video game nerds like with a guilty schoolboy/girl. Show who is dominant in the dorm room. Make him/her fear of your presence in the room. There is a chance that this feeling can make the person at least to wash dishes.

  3. Get him/her out of room if it stinks;

    If you notice your nerd neighbor begins to have an unpleasant smell, firstly, tell him/her about it. If there is no reaction, then just apply force and get him/her out of the room until your neighbor corrects the situation with the smell.

  4. Make strikes!

    If you feel upset due to the number of cups and dishes all over the room, put them all on the computer nerd’s table, in front of the monitor.

All in all, living with the computer game nerd is an interesting experience. However, I tried to perceive it as a mission where I must re-educate the individual to make him/her acceptable for our society.

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