How to Write an Essay with an Essay Prompt

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Believe it or not but experience shows that students are less likely to make contextual mistakes in their essays if they choose topics themselves. That is when you describe, or compare, or express your own opinion on an issue you personally are interested in, your writing has more chances to be accepted by a teacher and to get a decent grade.

Use Storyboarding to Do Your College Projects

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Today we hear a lot of good things about visualization. Psychologists recommend visualizing goals to achieve them and fears to overcome them. Language teachers recommend visualizing new words to remember them better and longer. But good visualization is something more than just sticking pictures of what you wish to have in an album.

How to Write an Original Definition Essay on Friendship

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Probably, it’s even not the very first time you should write an essay on such topic. Since primary school, teachers often ask us to describe our best friends, to explain why this girl or boy is our best friend, and to meditate on friendship in general. Just imagine how many papers have passed through your tutor’s hands before yours!