How to Travel the World Almost for Free, Student Edition

Traveler Standing on the Road

Let us guess it: you are being in front of a screen right now, dreaming of the longest vacation in your life but struggling dealing with the routine life, congratulations – it is high time you got up and start planning at least something. The first step is done – you have a dream and as you are on this page it means you are looking for means to make your dreams come true. So, there is so much to tell you. Let’s begin!

One more thing: money it is. The only one obstacle, you say. However, muse on it. Is it really the only thing that stops you from having everything packed and departing right away? Unfortunately, we all know that it is not so easy to dedicate a significant amount of your time to the thing you want to do without leaving your previous life, which includes your current study, permanent connection with family and friends, comfort with all supplies and easy access to the nearest supermarket with foods.

Traveling is an adventure. Traveling with no money is a dangerous adventure. It may be hard, you may not always have a place to live or sometimes you can be stuck on the road and have no food or drink. You may soak under the rain or have to deal with the local mafia. Craving for traveling is not enough. You need to not what to expect too.

Our essay writer will gladly give you some tips on how to prepare yourself to a journey of your life and do it reasonably as well.

Primary Decisions Are in Your Head

Prepare yourself mentally. Realize you can travel. Do not be afraid. Do not listen to anyone else telling you it is very expensive. You do not have to have no fear at all. But you need to have a bit of courage to make the first step. Here are the core components of your travel plan and if you manage to pay the least (or not to pay at all) you will survive everywhere.


Hitchhike. Be prepared to wait hours till someone stops. Be patient. Be friendly.

Blablacar. Another cheap option to book a space in a private car. Fall is you cannot pay forecast long-term bookings.

Have an ISIC – student card. You have no idea how many benefits you can get for just being a student! For example, a fee for trains in Poland is 50% cheaper for students. Better use buses in Germany. And walk in Switzerland.


Who has ever heard about the couchsurfing website? It is a huge community of open-minded people who allow you to live in their home as well as you can be the host in your own country.

Camping. Carry a tent and a sleeping bag and you will need nothing else.

If you have a little money it is basically very cheap to live in hostels. If you book a room for about 6 people in a mixed-gender room the price will be the lowest as possible and lots of fun in addition.

Living Expenses (Food, Medicine)

Supermarkets everywhere. Avoid buying stuff in the center and cook where you will live. It will spare money, unfortunately not time. Use discounts with your student card!

Dumpster diving. Why not? All the foods some shops throw away are fresh and can be consumed by homeless people. And you.

Where to Get Money


Just find an appropriate scholarship, asking your secretary or googling by yourself and do not be afraid to apply. The chances of being accepted may be as high as

Student Ambassador

Help to deliver events all over the world and travel too!

Earn money while traveling

Basking – playing on streets. Write a blog. Freelance. Work for food.

Expand your mind, be open to something new and stay positive.

So, take your backpack and hit the road!

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