Stopping Friendship

Friendship Stop

Sometimes you should stop friendly relationships so they couldn’t cause negative influence on you and your life. It doesn’t matter if you are a pupil, a student or a worker: here are some tips from writers that will help you understand when and how it should be done.

When It Is Worth to Stop Friendly Relationships

You should at least think about interrupting friendly connections in three cases.

1. Your Friend Persuades You to Behave Immorally

It all starts from small things: a friend asks you to lie for him or her, or to hide truth from someone of your close people. That’s the first alarm signal. Most probably, the quantity of such requests will increase with time, and they will be more and more serious.

2. Your Friend Asks You to Appease Their Immoral Deeds

The keyword here is “to appease”. It is better to stop relationships with a person who asks not only to tolerate their immoral deeds, but to help in their implementation.

If your friend’s behavior hurts not only him or her, but you and people around as well, you should doubt the need in relationships with such a human.

3. Your Friend Asks You to Hurt Someone

Just like in the first case, it all starts from something negligible. But if a friend wants you to do “dirty jobs” instead of him or her and to lie to anyone or to hurt someone’s feelings – that is the solid reason to think a bit. We won’t mention physical injury to a person's health, as it just makes no sense.

How to Stop a Relationship

Of course, it is not easy to break a friendship, especially if it is about a person you passed through a lot of events together. If you have decided to end your friendship, there are some ways to do that in a maximally painless way.

Reduce a Relationship to Zero Gradually

Unlike the romantic relationship, a friendship is better to fade out gradually. Do not interrupt it suddenly, just continuously decrease the level of your interaction with a person.

Avoid Hostility

When stopping a friendship, it is important to avoid getting an enemy. Stay away from quarrels. Your goal is to stop communicating with a person, not to insult him or her.

Do not Involve Others

Breaking a friendship with someone is your personal decision, so do not impose it to common friends and familiars. You can explain reasons of your deeds to them, to ask for a moral support, but not to involve them into a conflict.

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