Brain Challenge: Daily Exercise

Human Brain

Among all the organs of human body, the brain is the most complex and mysterious. Its remarkable abilities are yet only partly discovered. Actually, no computer can come close to the complexity of the brain. A computer serves a person only a few years, but brain - during the whole lifetime. And the more actively we use this organ, the better it functions. Here are some websites that can help you daily train your brain and discover something interesting:


Can you really shatter glass with a high note? How long do car tires last? What is the oldest living thing? What's a double play in baseball? You can find out answers to these and many other questions on this website. Besides, there are many challenging quizzes to check your knowledge on practically any matter.


An interesting website for those who are willing to refresh their knowledge of school program or just acquire some new skills that they weren’t taught at school. Math, biology, chemistry, physics, economy, humanities and IT are made easy to understand with the support of educational videos. In addition to it, this website has a load of tests for SAT, MCAT, GMAT exams preparation.

Cute Nerd


Would you like to make a pen with your own name, a guitar from a shovel, a board for three-dimensional chess or knight’s gloves? You can find the instructions to creating all these items on your own on this platform. But that’s not all: cool recipes, advise on hand-made products and interesting design patterns (how about a wall lantern in a form of a Batman?) are all here. Just follow the instructions!


On this website, you can find many interesting courses on business, technology and creativeness. But the best part is that you can devote to it only 5 minutes a day. So next time waiting in line, during the break or on the bus home you won’t be bored. You can spend even this time with use and pleasure.


Had German at school, but can barely compose a sentence now? Unfortunately, with foreign languages, no regular practice or usage leads to quick worsening of the skills. So how about refreshing your knowledge of a foreign language or mastering it from the beginning? It has been proven that people who speak several languages are smarter, more communicative and creative.


A good platform for the admirers of economics, entrepreneurship and web banking. If such words as vouchers, options, futures and a current state of world market interest you, then pay a visit to this website.

Bonus! On the following websites you may acquire some skills that you’ve always dreamt of having:


Here you can learn to play chess online.


You are welcome to get an insight on an interesting way to play the piano.


Here you can get a personal instructor of guitar playing.

So, don’t miss any day of your life to learn something new and put your brain into the function as often as you can. Then in senior years it will pay off with the good memory, quick operation and a load of experience in various fields.

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