How to Celebrate Birthday in Britain

Happy Birthday Post Card

We will tell you how birthdays are celebrated in England and the US, as well as everything that you have long wanted to know about your birthday: the story of the song "Happy Birthday to You," what is better to give – "gift" or "present." This is the first article, which is dedicated to the British way of celebration. After reading you will no longer be tormented by the question "how can I celebrate my BD?", We guarantee!

Beatles and The Heavenly Empire’s citizens forgive us in advance, but the most popular song in the world is not "Yesterday" and not the anthem of China, respectively. Every day, in every corner of the earth, in our beloved English, a joyful "Happy Birthday to You" sounds millions of times. What can be better than the solemn moment of carrying a cake to the accompaniment of friends, when all the faces radiate joy and other positive emotions!

Let us find out whether this song in the company with a cake, candles, balls, gifts, and "Champagne" are indispensable attributes of a holiday for all of 7 billion, and also we will make up our own unique scenario of a memorable celebration!

The Story of the Song "Happy Birthday to You"

It is already hard for us to imagine the celebration of the Birthday without this uncomplicated lively song. It automatically increases the degree of mood to all present at the celebration. But it was not always like this. Initially, the song was called "Good Morning to All" and was "run-of-the-mill" when greeting a new student in a school class. It was invented by the teachers of the younger grades of Sister Hill, and pupils liked it so much that the song was transformed into a congratulatory speech for the birthday. The original sounded like this:

Good morning to you, Good morning to you

Birthday in British Style: Throw Me, if You Can!

Cake in a British Style

The modern British tradition of celebrating the birthday has nothing to do with the insane tea drinking described by Lewis Carroll in "Alice in Wonderland." Of course, you cannot do without sweets: in the first half of the day, it is customary to please your colleagues or classmates with tasty treats in the form of cakes, in the second – to share a festive cake with invited guests. The cake is traditionally decorated with the certain number of candles corresponding to the age of the man of the moment, and a coin is baked inside. The one to whom the coin fell, is doomed either to the visit to a dentist or to a wealth – as luck would have it.

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On the British birthday, the man of a day is not pulled by the ears like in Russia or Italy, not flicked on a forehead like in Spain, but thrown into the air as many times as he/she is at the Birthday. British fun is called "The bumps". It would seem that here it is – a happy chance to feel like a rock star if it has not been the tradition of dropping a birthday person on the ground.

The youth who has reached adulthood (21 years old) is given symbolic keys from his/her parents' house. This ritual reminds that 21 is not only an opportunity to buy alcohol without barriers but also be responsible for yourself and the family, which falls on the shoulders of the matured birthday man.

Another old and surely good tradition is to send greeting cards. No, not by a birthday person, but by those who want to congratulate him/her: beginning from relatives to acquaintances. This annual greeting "ritual" is more than 100 years old! And no social networks will compete with it.

A children's Birthday begins with gifts unpacking from the very morning and ends with a party, to which relatives and friends are invited; there are active games and music competitions.

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