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It is unavoidable to encounter times in life when we feel down and think like we are to blame for the negativity that affects us. This can affect every aspect of our lives and bring down our productivity, confidence, and worldview. Here is a technique that allows you to breathe out in peace and change your outlook on life: learn to become the best friend!

Body Positive

Do you notice a new zit, black shadows under the eyes or a hair out of place when you look in the mirror? Do you drill yourself every day that you should lose weight? Immediately pointing out the negative and scolding your own body each time, will not let you gather even the crumbs of positivity in the future.

Instead, try talking as a truly amazing friend would. They would never tell you bad criticism, instead of bringing compliments that boost you to the stars. Some of the phrases you could use include “You look amazing today!”, “That dress really suits you!”, “Here is that smile I like!”.

Of course, a friend would not lie to you if there are aspects worth improving, they will tell you in a sweet and gentle way, something along the lines of “How about trying a different hair color this time?”. If you feel that your friend treats you wrongly, then this article can be quite helpful and will make it clear whether it is time to quite the relationship with this person.

Spend Time Alone

Contrary to popular belief, time spent alone is healthy and needed. Only bees surround themselves by a swarm of others all the time. Party people with many connections might be exhausted and it may be hard for them to spend a few days just alone. The truth is, your happiness is defined by you. Invite yourself out for a walk in the park, to the cinema or a fancy restaurant. Spending time alone is not awkward, as long as you find a way to enjoy it. You will discover that new ideas will appear in your mind when you reflect on yourself.

Listen Carefully

Who knows you better than anyone in the whole world? Only you do since you have spent each minute of your life with yourself. That is why it is vital that you listen to yourself like the true best friend would. Consider your needs or desires. Use the best ways to boost yourself. When feeling a sense of anxiety about your health, do not dismiss it and visit a doctor. If you really want to buy a new pair of shoes or a pretty necklace, do just that. Treat yourself like the true best friend would.

Big Ear

Stress Free

If you really want a break from studying, you are allowed to do just that. A friend would never push you too hard, instead of allowing you to take a break and forcing you to eat and sleep when you need it. They would compliment you on a well-done job and encourage you to continue only when you have recharged and are ready to face new challenges.

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