Simple Thoughts to Make Life Happy

Happy Friends

The life is thought to be the hard thing. Nevertheless, it depends on your attitude to it. If you believe the existing to be easy — it will.

Every Act Impacts Your Destiny

Everyone decides how to live. Moreover, this is not a one-time Greatest-Choice-In-Your-Life. Rather, it is a range of small insignificant actions, which form a whole picture. What kind of education to get? What job to choose? To get up at six in the morning or to sleep up to twelve? The consequences of every small act might have a great impact on your whole life.

Laughter Matters a Lot

The life without an optimistic attitude is sad, and the laughter is the most striking manifestation of positive emotions. The seriousness is appreciated in the business world. Nevertheless, this does not mean that pleasant should be abandoned for the sake of success. Laughter protects against stress, provides the splash of emotions.

Know What You Want

When the world offers the millions of possibilities, it is better to know what is your aim and in what area to go.

If you have not yet formed a large-scale plan of life, do not worry. If you have no idea from where to start, take up a small, simple and clear task even if it is far from great projects. It will go by itself lately, prompting the desired direction.

Books Do Not Lay out Wisdom Immediately

The book will not reveal the most important information from the first words – even if it is promised on the cover. Logically, the author was not aware of what is important to the special reader. Nobody knows the topics that matter but you. So, in search of the right information you have a lot to sort out. Moreover, you can abandon the idea of finding the answer among the texts, because no one will write and publish about some vital tricks – it is an experience that is told from masters to their pupils.

Enemies Usually Say Truth


Sometimes anger of the worst enemies is more informative than the advice of the friend. A man in a fit of anger is not able to lie, so he drops interesting thoughts. Your task is to skip past his emotions, grasping useful information.

Sympathy Is Worse Than Abuse

It is so nice when somebody feels sorry for you. There comes a feeling that the world is unfair, and you are the innocent victim. Nevertheless, the lamentations do not help to get out of a difficult situation, and do not offer a solution to the problem. The only option is to ignore the senseless compassion, gather your strength, and act.

Happiness Is an Everyday Deal

You are advised to be happy, but nobody tells you how to do it. The algorithm of happiness has not been invented yet. And it is not clear whether the great happiness exists. That is why the better way is to fill each day with pleasant moments.

You Should Not Suffer Living

Life is full of suffering. We ought to fight for our welfare. Nothing good appears suddenly. Could these claims be a lie? The bad thoughts make your attitude to life more complicated. At the same time, you could think more broadly and believe in luck.

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