Writing about Education and Art: Involving Children in Creative Activities

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We all know that kids from the early ages feel the need to explore the world to find out what is going on there, where they were born. And one of the best ideas to help them in their discoveries and satisfy their curiosity is to introduce them to the world of art. What is good about this approach that it does not create any borders and lets children to express their inner feelings freely. If you need to write an essay about using the art for educational needs, you can find some helpful ideas here.

Using Bright Colors

It is very common for children to prefer bright colors to the light and dark ones. And this is the way how they percept the world – as interesting, colorful experience. For this reason, you should make sure that all materials used for educational needs are not blank and boring. For instance, if you want your child to learn the names of animals, show pictures with bright pink pig or red cat. It would be even better if your child paints the animals in the way he or she likes. This activity increases the level of involvement in the learning activity and makes an educational experience even more pleasant for the young learner.

Painting with Hands

Another way to encourage the creativity is to offer your child to paint the picture with … hands! Infants usually do not like to work as adults do and actually, they cannot do that. Even not every five-year-old can hold a paint brush appropriately. In that way, instead of trying to teach them how to work with paint brush better put the big sheet of paper on the floor, buy a big set of gouache – and enjoy the process of great artwork creation. Without doubts, it will be an amazing experience for children, and they will open themselves to express what they feel. Also, you can show how to use a sponge, fiber, cotton or other objects to create a masterpiece. And here is one more idea: ask children to close their eyes and draw what they feel like. There will be even more fun!

Creating Collages with Surrounding Objects

Child Makes Handicraft

Leaves, flowers, stones, old clothes, plastic bottles, fruit – all of these can be used during art sessions with children to show them how to turn the ordinary objects into something incredible. Together with your child, look at the things around you and decide what can be created from them. Let the kid make a dragon with seven legs from a cereal box or necklace from macaroni – and do  not worry that there are no such things in real life as it is not important unless it helps children to develop their imagination and to learn about the world.

Making Book Illustrations

If your kid likes listening to the stories or reading them, propose to him or her to illustrate the most beloved one. Firstly, you can discuss the part that your child likes the most. Ask about the favorite character, how they look like, where they live. Then, let your child express his or her ideas on the paper. Do not correct if their illustration does not match that you have imagined, as it is the way they understand the story. Sometimes children invent their own details and add them to the story, which is even better since it enhances their creativity.

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