Birthday in American Style: Surprise Me if You Can!

Celebrating Birthday in the Yard

This is the second article about the Birthday celebration. In the previous one, we discussed British traditions. In this article, as we promised, we will tell you about a typical American way of celebration.

The American Birthday differs from the British one as well as the English language differs along the two shores of the ocean: the difference is insignificant but striking the eye. If you are a pro-American anglomane and use exclusively subway and never underground, then take a pen and write down who and what presented you to your B-day. What for? Now we will find out!

The motto of the American children's holiday is "surprise me if you can." A children zoo, an amusement or recreation park, a moon bounce, a children restaurant, a courtyard of a private house, and even a museum – these places are perfect! Guests will be entertained by hired animators in suits from clowns to superheroes and specially trained museum staff.

Guests receive invitations in advance, which indicate the time and place of the celebration, as well as the date to which it is necessary to confirm the intention to come.

If the English children begin unpacking gifts from the very morning, their American peers patiently thank and put presents on a separate table. Happy American parents do not slave over a hot stove on the birthday of the child, but order pizza, a cake with candles, and juice. That is all. It is not about greed or lack of imagination: simply no one wants to be responsible for possible poisoning with home food or a spontaneous allergic attack.

People Eating Pizza on Birthday

After eating pizza, it is time to unpack gifts and read aloud congratulations. Mom and Dad of "a newborn" carefully record in a notebook, who and what gave. Nightmare? Do not be hasty in your conclusion! Then, a cake with candles, "Happy Birthday" song, and "thank you, everyone ...” follow. At home, caring parents will get their "list" and send guests a thank-you note in postcards.

Adult Americans celebrate their birthday according to a less original scenario. They also prefer outside celebrations like a gathering in a restaurant. Bored? Conveniently! Guests independently think over entertainment and decorations, removing this burden from the fragile shoulders of the "newborn." Food and drink in the cafe are paid for by everyone personally. Guests only have to whisper to the waiter about the birthday person in the company in time, and then he/she is guaranteed to get a congratulation from the public place: a piece of cake with a candle, presented by waiters.

For Your Information, Anglomanes: What Will We Give - Gift or Present?

Let us try to immerse ourselves in the linguistic jungle called "the etymology of the word" (its origin). While the word "gift" acquired its today meaning, it was the time when it had absolutely another meaning. In Old English, it meant "paying for a wife", "landing." In 1300, the "gift" disowned the meaning of the marriage ransom and acquired the wide meaning of transferring the item to another one without paying for it.

Parents of the word "present" are French. Initially, "present" meant presence (mettre en present - to offer in the presence of someone). From 1300, the object, which is simply given away, was called so.

There is no colossal difference between these synonyms today. "Gift" is more official, "present" is less, but the joy because of both the first and the second is the same. However, the word "gift" can also be used in the meaning of "talent.”

We tried to brighten up the holiday upcoming in the life of everyone with our stories and pieces of advice. Share your ideas with us regarding the original party and life observations. And remember that whatever day is in the calendar, you can implement your creativity every day making it festive!

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