Profound Wisdom from the Children’s Book

Nowadays everyone – no matter who, a student or a worker, young or adult, highly educated or not – at least have heard about this timeless classic. Characters from the book have become iconic – just think, how many of them can one remember on the spot? Alice, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare... and so much more. Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland has been integrated into the culture, not just British, but almost around the whole world. However, can really Alice in Wonderland teach us something?

Everyone Can Write a Beautiful Story

Book with Fairytales

During the years of its undying popularity, many pondered what inspired the English mathematician, who had previously only written scientific words on Mathematics and Physics, to write such an unusual story, dedicated to his little friend Alice, that still keeps the minds of people of every age curious. Also, there were numerous studies dealing with the hidden meaning in the book and speculations on what the author truly wanted to say with this book. However, seemingly adult ideas did not hinder kids from enjoying this beautiful piece of literature.

Age Does Not Matter

In this book everyone can find something appealing: children can follow Alice in her adventures, develop their imagination; linguists can be delighted, exploring unusual tropes and figures of speech and every literature lover will enjoy the artful wordplays.

Listen to Yourself

The beauty of Alice in Wonderland lies in details. For example, once Alice angrily commented on herself that though she usually gave herself great advice, she very seldom followed it. Almost everyone can relate to Alice here. What we say to ourselves and what we do rather often differs, leading to regret that comes afterwards. We are surely more smart, sophisticated, witty and friendly in our minds, but when it comes to action, some other person shows up instead of us and does something completely different. Nevertheless, sometimes the rightest thing to do is to follow your own heart as it knows best.

Little Princess

Do Not Call Back

Little Alice once observed that it is pointless to go back to yesterday because she was a different person then. People surely would live easier if everybody followed instructions given by Alice's characters. How often do we regret our past, going back again and again, replaying the old episodes of our life wishing it would be different? However, the only thing that matters is the person you are now, what you believe now and what you are doing now (unless a murder or some other ghastly things are involved, of course). Now, when the time machine is not invented yet, nobody can reverse time, so the best thing you can do to yourself is to stop tormenting yourself with thoughts of "What if..." or "I should not have...”

Do Not Mind Other People’s Business

Another Alice’s character, the Duchess, once noted that if everybody minded their own business, the world would go around much faster than it does. It is a very real life statement, is not it? Nothing more needs to be added, in fact.

There are so many more things you can learn from Alice in Wonderland, either reading it in your childhood or as an adult. This well of unusual thoughts, curious ideas and, most of all, the relatable wisdom, is truly unfailing, and that makes this story an eternal classic.

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