20 Years of Joy: How to Engage Yourself?

Cotton Candy

Nobody is saying that you are going to become a pain in the neck after your twenties birthday. Nobody is saying that you should urgently buy cotton candy and tickets to the circus (but if you want to, why not?). Nevertheless, twenty years make one fifth or even one-fourth part of our life. Have you by any chance forgotten to do something meaningful? Here are the best suggestions of what should not be left out.

  • 1. Learn How to Dance

    You do not have to sign up for a lesson, attend any dancing course or school. Practice is all you need. Dance to your favorite music. It is a great way to relax and ease the pressure. Moreover, it also gifts you with a good mood.

  • 2. Get Together with the Like-Minded People

    It is very important to be surrounded with the people who understand you and with whom you share the same values. Surround yourself with such individuals and work on something together. Create and embody an idea of a project, organize a literature or a discussion club, open your own Internet shop.

  • 3. Watch "1+1" Movie

    It is a great film, which displays the value of a real friendship and health. With years passing by a number of close friends gets smaller. Appreciate those who stay. Meet each other more often, such meetings will give you a sparkle to live for. Love your friends no matter what. The main characters of the movie teach us exactly those things.

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  • 4. Read "The Catcher in the Rye"

    This is a story about growing up and formation of one’s personality. The main character shows a peculiar example of undergoing such process. It is a world's bestseller, so maybe you will also find some answers to your questions there.

    Book on the Table
  • 5. Find Your Thing

    The faster the better. Having an occupation, which makes you happy is rather important. It is also desirable to make this occupation not only your hobby but also the source of your incomes. How to do it? Think about what comes easily to you. Which work do you do the best? Choose some main alternatives and try yourself out in them.

  • 6. Earn Your First Money

    Each of us wants to be independent. No matter what your own money is the integral part of independence. The question is where to get this independence from. There are plenty of variants, for example, you could start to master the first things of your future profession. You may also earn a little extra by working as a waiter or selling flowers. There are many possibilities, so the main criterium is your wish.

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