7 Tips on Creativity: Start Thinking out of Box

Creativity Inside Man

Wikipedia defines creativity as the ability to create fundamentally new ideas, look for non-standard solutions, and deviate from the usual patterns of thinking. Why can some people give ten solutions in two minutes how to use a white sheet of paper, while others work out strategies for 24 hours without having a single fresh idea? Why inspiration and creativity do not depend on spring (after all, many people "come to life" with warming) and how to develop creative thinking quickly, for free, and without registration or SMS?

Tips on How to Change Your Life

Stairway to Heaven

The wish to begin a new life is not a rare phenomenon and if it has arisen, then do not disregard it! It is better to start everything from tomorrow – I am joking! Although it would be more logical, as they say, to start a new life with the New Year.

Tips to Write an Effective Essay for 30 Minutes

Smiling Student in Exam

It is already a common truth that a successful essay needs a good deal of time and preparation. Our tutors repeat diligently that we must do all our writing assignments beforehand. But, even all these memes ending with “only hardcore” cannot convince us yet otherwise. However, sometimes there are such situations like exam when you do not have enough time to think long rearranging the text hundreds of times.

Annotated Bibliography Creation: Complexities and Tips to Overcome Them

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If you have received a task to compose a list of references with short abstract for each of them at the first time, then, for sure, you should know what it is and the main rules to create it. Many undergraduates regard such type of academic task as insignificant and being beneath notice. However, such attitude toward a bibliography making process can play Old Harry with one’s marks in the end. Nevertheless, you can overcome possible problems by reading this article exactly dedicated to the main tips helping to write the bibliography.

Writing about Education and Art: Involving Children in Creative Activities

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We all know that kids from the early ages feel the need to explore the world to find out what is going on there, where they were born. And one of the best ideas to help them in their discoveries and satisfy their curiosity is to introduce them to the world of art. What is good about this approach that it does not create any borders and lets children to express their inner feelings freely. If you need to write an essay about using the art for educational needs, you can find some helpful ideas here.