How to Celebrate Birthday in Britain

Happy Birthday Post Card

We will tell you how birthdays are celebrated in England and the US, as well as everything that you have long wanted to know about your birthday: the story of the song "Happy Birthday to You," what is better to give – "gift" or "present." This is the first article, which is dedicated to the British way of celebration. After reading you will no longer be tormented by the question "how can I celebrate my BD?", We guarantee!

Work While Studying in Britain

Work Study Balance Picture

It is okay to dream about studying in Britain. This country is so desirable, first of all, because of its long list of prestigious educational institutions and, secondly, due to subsequent high chances to get a desirable job. It is great if the finances allow you to go to a chosen university right tomorrow. But what if a money issue remains open? Find out more about job opportunities while studying in Britain right here and right now!

Zuckerberg Era of Neologisms

Man Chatting on Facebook

We stopped buying photograph albums, but we continue to create them on Facebook, we do not send postcards to each other, but we put respectful “thumb up” as a sign of attention ... What other changes have Mark Zuckerberg and his creature brought in our life and English speech?

7 Tips on Creativity: Start Thinking out of Box

Creativity Inside Man

Wikipedia defines creativity as the ability to create fundamentally new ideas, look for non-standard solutions, and deviate from the usual patterns of thinking. Why can some people give ten solutions in two minutes how to use a white sheet of paper, while others work out strategies for 24 hours without having a single fresh idea? Why inspiration and creativity do not depend on spring (after all, many people "come to life" with warming) and how to develop creative thinking quickly, for free, and without registration or SMS?